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  1. Keaton Hawkins was born in Atlanta Georgia into a very dysfunctional family. As a child Hawkins watched as his parents fought with each other constantly which eventually got physical at times. After his traumatising childhood and getting constant therapy as a kid. Hawkins managed to grow up into a Therapist himself. He helped many people for a small amount of time even kids who had similar issues as his childhood. After a short career as a Therapist he eventually wanted to help people in what his mind would be a bigger way. He decided to join the LSFR after he moved to Los Santos. His career in EMS was short and sweet. While he did enjoy it and enjoy saving people he still didn't feel quite comfortable and didn't know if it was right for him. After a bit of time in the LSFR he resigned somewhat unsure if it was going to be a good choice. Turns out, it was, as Hawkins pursued a life as a Law Enforcement Officer. After resignation from EMS Hawkins joined the police academy. His time in academy left him very comfortable in his current position and was confident in his ability in LEO. After climbing through his cadet phase Hawkins became an officer and decided to transfer to the BCSO where he has made lots of good friends and continues to climb higher for himself. He currently sits at a Corporal of the BCSO and is very happy where he is.... maybe.
  2. Nicholas Brown was your everyday foster child until age 12. On the day of his 12th birthday Nicholas went through with his self proclaimed great escape from his North Carolina foster home. In a matter of time Nicholas eventually found his way into Los Santos at age 15. His first year in the city he was mostly hiding around in homeless communities until eventually he met with a fellow foster sibling from his old home Ruby Blaze who also ended up in LS. She took him almost as if she was his caretaker feeding him, giving him allowance, etc. Although often upset when Nicholas got himself in trouble time after time, Ruby stayed by his side. After getting deeper and deeper into the life of crime Nicholas eventually was met with some mental issues. He started hearing voices in his head very often which often drove him a little crazy, although that does not change much considering he has received 0 education after age 12. After hearing the voices and doing things his friends could never imagine him doing, such as kidnapping Ruby and shooting her 9 times on a mountain, Nicholas eventually got help from many therapists none who seemed able to help him until he met Nadeshko Kali who helped him overcome his issues eventually, although they often reappear, she was a great help to him. After learning what he did before his issues Nade eventually recruited Nicholas into a gang called the Soldiers of Samara. After some internal dispute within the gang it quickly disbanded. Nicholas continued to stay in touch with Nadeshko although the other members either disappeared or died. Nicholas went back to his solo life of crime making friends here and there but never any than stuck. Eventually Nicholas met Zachary Fitch, which led him to meet Gabriel Montana, John Martin, Maxwell Washington, and Kevin Flame all over a long bit of time. Eventually Nicholas made a crew with all of his new friends which he called the Ape Gang. In present day Ape Gang is alive and causing chaos, and Nadeshko Kali is in the process of adopting Nicholas as a son. Also to be noted, Nicholas enjoys shooting people.
  3. https://clips.twitch.tv/SwissNimbleStarlingCoolCat?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url
  4. Monkey Man would be the best Jester to ever live.
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