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  1. The way I view it as is that character bios is my characters background and history. Where she is from and all that jazz. Her journal is Celi documenting her day to day life and what happens. Sort of like creative writing and a peak into her life and her thoughts. Bios usually need to be posted once with background information and journals can be updated with things that happen 🙂 Hopefully I made sense!
  2. A game doesn’t come to mind but I can remember playing certain games.. and being a little girl some simple things did not make ANY sense and it would feel like I was stuck in a never ending loop of struggle and problem solving lol. Don’t want to relive.
  3. I’d prefer to refer to it as least as possible in game since I know it was an event out of our control but if I had to explain the loss of assets I would probably use financial crisis or blackout.
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