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  1. We are aware of the issue and our team is working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible. Thank you!
  2. Just over a month to go until Twitch Con 2019!! https://www.twitchcon.com/ Lets get a community even together for those going to Twitch Con!! Who is still planning on going? Remember to join the discord conversation! #twitchcon in the Revolution discord https://discord.gg/VKUEJFA
  3. I don't take a preference to servers. I usually join where I am needed. The only reason I would join a full server over an empty server is for EMS coverage. A couple months back when we were putting S2 up, I would join S1 because S2 already had EMS clocked in and S1 didn't. I am willing to put whatever efforts I need to in order to help our community.
  4. If your vehicle was purchased BEFORE the patch on July 9th: It is a ticking time bomb and still has the chance to suddenly swap. If your vehicle has swapped please follow these instructions: Take a picture of the vehicle in your garage Take a picture of you selling the vehicle. You then need to make compensation request with the picture you took and staff will then be able to process the refund. It is then safe to replace the vehicle with the same model should you wish. ** Any modifications to the vehicle must be documented, eye witnesses to upgrades will not count toward the compensation ** During the community meeting, there were a couple statements of vehicles purchased AFTER the patch on July 9 swapping. However there have been no new bug reports stating that the issue has still been persistent. If you have experienced this, please submit a bug report with pictures and date of purchase for developers to be able to work on it. Then follow the above instructions. If you are found exploiting this bug by not reporting and fixing any vehicle swap you may have experienced, It will be punishable by admin discretion as exploiting is against the server rules.
  5. Some of the OG's are/were @Trevor Parker @Dirk Stone @Tavis
  6. July Community Meeting Recording can be listened to >HERE< Community Announcements Developers need your bug reports and suggestions to continue to make this community run smoothly and give you fun new features. If you encounter a bug, PLEASE report it. Even if you think or know it's already been reported, report it. Create a new report or comment on the original bug report. The more information they have the better they can fix the issue. Due to rising tensions between our civilian/criminals and LEO, it has been requested we hold another open floor meeting between the two parties. Open discussions have proven to be beneficial in our community. Please go to >HERE< to select the day and time frame you would be available and interested in. Other important announcements Storage status - Floppy is currently dealing with some health issues so development he was working on including housing and storage has slowed down as he takes care of him. Rule Clarification - 30 minute crime rule Any crime reported being done in the last 30 minutes is against the rules and is punishable by admin discretion with proof This only applies to new crime. If the crime was started before the 30 min mark you may complete it with out fear of punishment (unless other rules are broken also). Staff There was a request for more staff in more time zones Staff applications for support developers are always open >HERE<. Staff are not picked and chosen through the community but must apply because they are choosing to volunteer time to the community Right now we have: 6 support members who are usually the ones doing tags and any other support needs. There are a few trial supports being trained who will hopefully join our ranks soon. 3 moderators and 5 admins who are the ones who handle comp requests, player reports, and ban appeals. Some of these issues require the whole team to discuss and being an international community not everyone is available at the same time. So we are a small team doing the best we can as this is a volunteer position. Staff want to be able to enjoy the community and server in their free time away from their IRL commitments like work and sleep. A request to address the fact of particular staff talk crap about other players who they deem, "can't RP and should go to GTA Online" This was covered at the end of the community meeting. We would like to remind the community if there is a problem being caused by a staff member we would like to address and resolve the issue. If you are comfortable please reach out personally to the Community Manager @Tavis, Senior Admin @Ruby Blaze, or Support Manager @Dan Hasuki . You may also use the ISSUES tab which is confidential and can only be seen by Community Relations, Admins, and the Owner. LEO LEO applications are closed for the foreseeable future. We will discuss reopening apps, and if we decide to, we will make an announcement. We as LEO are doing our best to make your playtime in Revo enjoyable. Occasionally we make mistakes. Some large and some small. Most issues can be talked out in TS Other issues can be dealt with in game by approaching a command member (you can find out in RP who those people are) LEO complaints that come across IG and/or IC on the forums will be investigated by command and dealt with accordingly. These take time. Mostly because we need to find people in game to keep it all IC. While other issues when making an IG report isn't possible can be handled on the forums. If something is seen on streams and brought to us, the most we can do is talk to the person or persons and ensure they understand that what they did was wrong or not allowed. No one will be punished in LEO for LEO related issues that are brought to us OOC. For issues that involve server rule breaks, player reports will be necessary if resolving the issue on TS or other OOC methods are not possible. If it is a server break issue, that is handled by admins and admins alone, LEO does not touch it. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns feel free to reach out to LEO command. We do our best to be available. We want the same as everyone else, to see the community grow and for everyone to have fun playing here. EMS EMS is actively hiring >HERE< We are training new paramedics and trying to improve our services across the board. DOJ DOJ is actively hiring >HERE< See DOJ notes on topics from the meeting in the comment below Topics that were discussed and can be listened to in the recording: Change to professions timer High risk/Low reward Guide on where and how to do stuff on the server Quick cash illegal jobs (like tacos) Combat Legionnaires with a loitering ticket Vehicle Imports Car swapping bug fixed? Onesync Fight Clubs? Hiding player ID's New player intake quiz for tags Roleplay More interested in making money than making money Crime feeling very narrowed Gang RP low quality Will the ability to change the camber on your tires always be a secret? Winning mentality Hostile civs Sentences too long Lack of LEO on duty lately
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