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Hunter Reglem

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  1. It has been fun revo, if you catch me out and about feel free to hit me up on discord DM's, otherwise check out my "about me"  🖖

  2. While I appreciate the claims of toxicity, ignorance, and generalization, on my part that is not what this post is. This post was aimed at voicing my personal disillusionment with the way staff has treated a single ban that represents a consistent problem I and many others have had with the staff team for years. I feel I did misrepresent my intent and tone with the original point with the pointed capitalized words, as well as starting the post with a back handed jab at the servers longstanding name confusion. The mind set I had when writing the original post was one more of a fan and supporter of the community who has finally been pushed to the point of disillusionment. A fan that had repeatedly ignored red flags because they did not want those "small issues" to dissuade a new generation of players to refill the servers starved population. again. I did let my personal bias and frustration slip for the final line and that could be seen as a bit toxic. Ignorance is not something I can agree with in the post at all as I had spent many nights speaking with members of staff including the previous head of staff and Sr.Admin about the specific report I have issue with. While I can not personally say I know every thought every member of staff held while handling this specific ban, I can say that if the Head Admin, Sr.Admin, and a member of the mod team can not even provide evidence to the user about apparent "Toxicity" said user engaged in as a reason for a continuing ban, its a major problem. A problem especially with the apparent transparency that the last staff shuffle and now current staff shuffle promises. I would not use generalization for the first post or the original response, I will give you that the posts were intentionally vague as I do not really intend on making some sort of David vs Goliath stand here in this post about the ban I used as the foundation for this complaint. The post was as I stated earlier was more of a public outburst of frustration as I personally reached my breaking point for the faith in the management for this community, and this is why the post reads "another nail" as I another supporter and veteran of the community no longer intend on continuing. I did misspeak by using "Admins" in my original response instead of "staff", but I did not misspeak in stating the fact that staff this includes the now admins have stood by while promises of change have come and gone almost like a tide linked directly to the rise and fall of the player population. With all of this being said I do much like @Mike Michaelson hope that this time the intent is genuine, and that the new leadership holds the staff accountable to this change. Revo has been a beacon of hope time and time again for many a player including myself in the past, and can be again. Unfortunately Revo is no longer my home. I leave my past suggestions to the server up so maybe one day someone may thumb through them. who knows, it may inspire someone.
  3. I would have a better outlook and far more faith if this was not the 5th time the admin team has promised "things will be different". The admin team has unfortunately consistently under delivered on this promise the four years I have been a member of this community. I like many members of this community have faith in Jasmin, but the broken system she has to work with has not and most likely will not change.
  4. Today the staff of Revo or RMOG or Revolution Life or whatever you want to call it have decided that streamers can and should be permanently banned for failing to report a rule break within the first 24 hours. This ban has and will be carried out WITHOUT any attempt to contact the streamer or get their side. If said streamer chooses to delete their vod for any reason it will be used as ammunition to further peruse this ban. This ban comes without consideration of; contribution to the server, lack of active warming points against their account, or time with the community. Today staff has decided it is okay to silence players permanently without chance of appeal for the simple crime of live streaming. Live streaming a Developer of the server giving out cars using powers given to them by admins. This silencing was again carried out WITHOUT any attempt to contact the streamer or get their side. Today staff has decided to show me that regardless of the "apologies" and "Changes" they claim they have made, staff have the same exact problems they had when I first joined this community over 4 years ago. Today I have decided that I am done defending and standing up for the staff that have done nothing but try to sink this community with lopsided and bias action. Sorry revo, its been a long road of watching and helping you rise from the ashes like a Phoenix over and over, but it is time for you to just lay down.
  5. I didnt see this but a big ++ to this, please keep it up!
  6. Thank you for your service to this community Thea, You made the server a significantly better place by listening to us, and it will be worse off without someone as dedicated as you.
  7. Adventures of Zachary Fitch in August
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