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  1. I joined Revo around August 4th, 2017. I was watching PMS Proxy play on SOE for a while and then when they left, they played on Revo one day. I knew I couldn't get into SOE and I didn't know any other good servers so the fact that they played here sold it for me and I started playing after that.
  2. Other than talking about Floppy and mentioning that they'd like more communication between the devs and the community, or at least have the communication we have be more visible/announced/pinned/whatever, where did he bash the devs? I personally didn't read it as bashing the devs and I kind of would like to see some quotes so I can try to see it from your perspective. I guess if you take the opinion of things being on point when Amelia was here and not so much now, it can be viewed that way. I just would like to see exactly what people are referring to or if they are referring to the entire post as a bash against the devs. Edit: Along with Billy's post, I've had 2 friends not come to Revo because of the wait times for tags. It always bums you out when you want to help someone get into RP but then they have to go through this bottleneck and just give up on it all together because they don't want to start by themselves.
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