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  1. Sounds good. Where do we go from here? Do I message you to plan the funeral after we have died?
  2. @Lillith Ravenscroft Would be it possible to have a gathered funeral for me and @Brooke Barnes ? Since we are basically always doing stuff together he's willing to join me for one last ride.
  3. On second thought, I'd rather have a funeral and would truly appreciate it if you could help me with setting it all up 🙂
  4. My name Benny, For a while now I've been playing on this server as Benny Brazil. Had loads of fun as the loveable hawaiian shirt wearing teddy bear. But being a guy that likes variety, I'm starting to have trouble holding up the character. That's why I have decided to perma Benny soon. I was just wondering how to exactly do it on Revo. I'm planning to create a small story for Benny that consists of a few days of 'activities' to remember the starting days where he met a lot of people and got arrested like everyday... My question now is, when the time comes. Do I OOC chat saying I perma'd and disconnect or does there have to be a funeral? For now I don't know when the day will come but I'm guessing very soon. Either way I'm fine with whatever and had a great time with Benny and all his friends. I'll ocassionally join back as a different character and maybe make another iconic bucket hat wearing character 🙂 Will also be streaming this on my twitch for all the people that have been enjoying the warmth of all burritos Benny has in his pocket ❤️ twitch.tv/swaggiintv
  5. He didnt know PepeLaugh
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