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Frisco McGarrett

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About Frisco McGarrett

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    Frisco McGarrett
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    Rafe McGarrett

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About Me

Frisco McGarrett is just a good guy from Amarillo, Texas. Worked his way through high school stayed out of trouble. Other than minor traffic infractions of course, but hes always been in protecting people that surrounded him at work or at home. Worked as a security guard for many years and has tried to work his way to be part of a law enforcement family. So he left Amarillo in search of his dream, hoping to fulfill his destiny as a Police Officer...


Rafe McGarrett is a bad boy that loves to live life on the edge. He has the need for speed and hates guys that think they're bad asses.  He loves his older brother Frisco but chose the opposite side of life. Rafe also cares for the people he grows fond of and will do everything to keep them safe. Even if that involves killing someone.

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