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  1. $10 Subway gift carts, one each, for my sister and (adopted) brother.. And of course the accumulated debt/bills I have.
  2. Not directed at anyone there? Irrelevant. It was said loud enough for everyone there to hear. It was on top of the foul language your char would constantly use, the consistent mysoginistic things your char says. Jericho's shooting you two was NOT RDM. From his perspective, he gave warning. Your chars had been identified with sufficient proof. The player report was irrelevant - you continually have been doing criminal things, causing trouble, and generally being a troll. That is an attitude fitting more to GTA:O than a RP server. As a final note - the objection to the "joke" WAS brought up IC. AND NOT BY A COP! By someone who was trying to warn you about the possible consequences. Hopefully some day you will figure out you need to take responsibility for your own actions. For now, just take a break. I get being upset about things that happen IC. Ultimately, it is just a game, and part of the game is dealing with the consequences of things your character does. When it bugs you like that, just minimalize what you do IC and get to a point where you can step back from the situation for a while.
  3. Angharad Flynn


    Zander's mother was 16 when she got pregnant. Her family sent her away to relatives in a remote part of Montana to have the child. The relatives were part of a religious cult centered around a man referred to as Father. Zander's mother caught Father's attention, and he claimed her as one of his wives. He was a fussy infant, so Father declared him a demon-child. Over the years, he was abused - emotionally, physically, and sexually, sometimes as an example to the congregation, or a "sacrifice" of blood. He's not sure if the vocal cord damage was because of abuse, or if Father had someone deliberately surgically damage them. The cult had a strong grip on the county, even on the law enforcement of the area, so nothing was ever done, even when he was younger and would try to run away. The one ally he had was his sister - well, step-sister. She was Father's child from a different wife, when Zander was around 7 or 8. In his late teens, the ATF and FBI had started investigating what was going on in the county. That finally led to a raid on the cult's compound, where the cult members barricaded themselves in. Father held a special service on Zander's 18th birthday, once again dragging him out for "punishment". This time, Father said, to kill their enemies, the sacrifice would be his life. Something snapped in Zander's mind. Outside, the LEO forces surrounding the compound were surprised when the cult members started screaming and running out to them in panic. When the LEO finally got a handle on the situation and made their way inside, they found Zander, covered in blood, and crouched over Father's body, exhaustedly continuing to stab the already dead tormentor. They got him medical attention, of course. Zander knew quite a lot about what the cult had been doing, as well. His cooperation as a witness, the old scars they were able to see, along with the statements from the cult members convinced the authorities he was acting in self-defense. His mother's parents were horrified to learn what had happened, and helped him get into a mental health institution. Several years later, he was doing SO much better, that he was cleared to leave the hospital when he chose. His sister (same mother, Father was her biological father, though) sent him word that she'd found some new friends and was moving to San Andreas. Zander decided to leave the hospital and join her.
  4. She's a person. The rest I'll get to eventually.
  5. Male, pale (white) skin, mid 20s Short black hair Close-shaved beard, black. Dark/black eyes, with the normally white appearing red (assumed sclera tattoo) Average build, 6' 1" Old scarring on his neck, severe damage at some point in the past.
  6. Just wanted to mention: I'm not defending ppl interjecting themselves in a cop situation. That's honestly on the suicidal side of things. If your character interferes, or even look like you're interfering, they'd have every right to detain or possibly even shoot your character. So don't do it. Watch FROM A DISTANCE to your heart's content.
  7. If people really want their characters to be that stupid, and suffer the IC consequences, then they can't complain OOC. We can, however, ask them OOC to please stop or at least tone it down because we're not enjoying the situation. I think that's what is missing in a lot of the complaints - they feel more like OOC attacks, rather than dealing with it IC, or being polite about it OOC. And yes, those "mary sue" characters (whatever that actually means) are effing annoying. BUT... keep in mind "well that's how i made my character" isn't just an excuse. There actually are other people who think differently than you, and don't agree with how you see things. Of course, there are also ding dongs that are bloody irritating. My point is try to avoid lumping them all together. You can't tell someone how to play their character, because it's their character, not yours. You CAN, however, ask them to quit being such a ding dong, and preferably in a polite way. GTA RP is... unique, in a way, from other RPGs. There are subtle differences, and not so subtle differences. I'm just trying to mention some of the lessons I've learned, and hope something might help us all enjoy playing.
  8. 1) The failRP was a reference to other posts, not just yours 2) you claimed being an experienced Rper meant not "being seen" there, which is essentially the same thing as saying it is failing at RP 3) You missed my point - experienced RPers DO hang out there. And it's not bad or fail. I'm done because paranoia says if you don't understand what I'm trying to say by now, when I've spelled it out as clearly as I can, you probably never will, and it's pointless to keep going back and forth.
  9. Saying experienced roleplayers don't go there is rude, insulting, and inaccurate. It's a gathering place, part of RP is conversation. And that's why Flynn goes there, to meet people. She's new to the server, and has noticed people gathering there. That's not poor RP when you're relatively new to the city. As for the event - Flynn did run over to that side of the street, BUT she kept her distance, especially when she heard troopers yelling. She hit the ground when gunfire started or someone yelled about a gun. She's also not completely sane. Basically, saying anyone that "idles" at Legion is "fail-rp" is not true, and I'd like to ask everyone to keep that in mind, that there are perfectly valid RP reasons to be there chatting, instead of making blanket accusations and not considering that maybe there's "legitimate" RP reasons to be there. I have RP'd a lot over the years online, just not in GTA RP. There typically is a "social center" of some kind where people will have their characters wander to, to initiate RP with others. San Andreas is a HUGE map. It's not easy to randomly find people and "create stories", like some have insisted they do. Sometimes those stories need a spark, which is helped by a social point. No, Flynn does not spend all her time there. She goes out and does stuff. When she just wants to hang out with people, though, that usually ends up being at Legion, as a hub. I understand the frustration of others sticking their noses in when you're trying to do something, but that COULD happen anywhere, in any real life situation. I also understand that most people will usually keep their distance and NOT get directly involved. And if you try to get involved, and you're told go away or you're ignored, then just move on or observe from a distance. Disclaimer: this is meant as a neutralish post, and reminding that not everything you don't like is "failRP". You aren't the player of someone else's character. And now, in honor of my paranoia, I'd like to ask that you think about it a LOT before any response. (Paranoia says there will be either a lot of negative responses or everyone will ignore this)
  10. Angharad Flynn

    Day 1

    Arrival in the city... it is happening. Now to figure out who I am and what I look like.
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