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Ricky Rogers

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  1. lvl 15 Fairbanks if anyone is lvling up and wants to play #downwiththealliance
  2. its called being motivated CHAD
  3. Its all fun and games at the end of the day 😄
  4. I would always check the shoutbox for updates before the resets just incase something was happening, also every time i logged onto the forums i would always read it
  5. “Stupid locals can’t drive” [email protected]
  6. Ricky Rogers

    Ricky Rogers

    Ricky focuses on hard crime and has involved himself in a gang called Infamous and Syndicate. He earned his name and respect within the criminal underworld by becoming known as the largest coke dealer in Los Santos, buying coke from multiple groups that would make it. In order to meet new contacts, Ricky would organize street races called "Rogers Racing" in which there would be a playoff system where after 6 races the winners of each of those races would face off in a point-system playoff bracket, at the end the racer with the most points won. This generated some really good RP between groups that otherwise would have never been in the same place together. While in Infamous he would work as a loyal, respectful and dedicated criminal that focuses on making a living for himself by robbing banks and people while protecting those important to him. Those most important to him are his syndicate family, their almost closer than the little family he has left in brooklyn. Vinny and Nate both grew up with Ricky and on day he will fly them out to Los Santos to show them all that he has accomplished. Ricky would be focused on the drug trade, street racing, and most importantly respect. My name and what people think about it when they hear it means a lot, I wanted to be respected but feared at the same time. Street racing is something I found to be really fun and I want to continue my street racing ring once I can establish myself amongst the racing community. The drug trade is where I look to make most of my money, I won't be actually making the drugs but I will be selling them. Depends on who I meet ic but my goal is to sell the drugs, not make them. *Dear Diary* It has been three years since I've been to Los Santos. I plan on keeping a very low-key profile, I am looking for people who I haven't seen in three years. They might not even be expecting me, I know that once they see me I will be welcome, at least I hope that's the case. I have no idea where they are or how I am going to find them. I just need to know who I can and can't trust, establishing myself among other people as someone who can be trusted. Finding some way to make short-term money and some long-term connections. There are so many things I don't know, I don't even know if Mason or Kai or Michal are alive. I can't just go around asking people about them, I am going to have to find them myself. I could start looking by the beach down by Vespucci, we would always sell drugs to the rich kids on vacation hitting the beach looking for a good time. The good ol' days where we had control of that whole area and anyone coming down there knew to pay their debts. Work will be hard to find, I should probably start off doing some legal jobs and keeping a low-profile until I can make contact with the fellas.
  7. Ricky Rogers

    Ricky Rogers

    Brooklyn...…….more coming soon
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