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  1. @Ernest Flanagan is the best!! I want to start by saying Congratulations to Ernest for his promotion!!! CONGRATS!!! Ernest clocked in to continue training me yesterday!! I'm still a Probie with the LS Fire/Rescue. It wasn't enough for him to just do an awesome job training me. Not only did he have me experience true role play but he pushed me to contribute better role play. I was killing my "/MEs" and having such a blast. Shout out to someone who did a great job showing why REV RP is the best Server on the internet!!. You are a star!! Cant wait to do it all again! OH.. PS. Mason still Can't get the smell of that damn Baxter Cream off his hands!!
  2. Hey everyone I created a public google calendar that anyone can add to. I was thinking it might be cool to see when everyone is thinking of playing. Figured it might spark higher traffic to the server since everyone can see when others are planning on coming to the city. You can subscribe to the google calendar so you can see who's going to be on and when from anywhere you can view your calendars such as your mobile phone. But yeah anyway here is the public link to the Revolution RP Calendar. Also I believe google allows you to translate the time zone to your own so that's extra cool 🙂
  3. I'm care free. Fun filled an a bit mischievous. I enjoy making people laugh .
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