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  1. I would maybe try and create a story out of it. It might add something to other peoples characters a little
  2. People have said it better than I have but the Devs are working for free for a server that is free to join. So while criticism can be helpful maybe you should find a more constructive way to give it. I will say this Amelia was a great dev and will be missed but we've had Devs, Admins, and both LEO and EMS command members leave before and the server has still continued to keep going. Hell only 5 months ago we had a peak player count of 10-15 players on the server and now we can fill 2 servers so I would say everyone has done a great job in promoting and keeping the server alive. Now we have some issues but the best way to deal with them is to work together as a community and maybe we can grow further.
  3. UK in the glorious north
  4. I will be honest for the 2 years I've been here Travis has been consistent with his character. Yes, it's a bit troll'ly but a lot of people who have been here a while understand it's his character. Now I'm not suggesting you should like his character but if you did have a problem you could private message him rather than do it in public.
  5. Birth Name: Liam Cavanagh Date of birth: 04/12/1992 Born: Liverpool, United Kingdom Sex: Male Height (Current): 6'1 When Liam was born his father had already left him after going to prison and being in witness protection ever since then Liam has had to grow up fast. His mother was working at all times holding down two jobs so she could feed her two kids. While Liam grew up he would always be exposed to crime and he kept a strong moral compass throughout staying away from his friends so he would not disappoint his family. Later he moved to Los Santos after he heard his father was killed there to try and learn about the man he was. Through his time there he would join the LSPD and would have a very successful career there eventually becoming a Lieutenant and helping rebuild a department that had lost many good officers. it was also during that time he found the love of his life, Ruby Blaze. He first met her at Mission Row PD where he immediately wanted to ask her out which he did but was turned down Liam found out that Ruby's fiancee was missing and she didn't want to date anyone in case he was found. Still, Liam persisted taking her on a date as friends which they would later call the prequels. Eventually, they both dated while they were dating her ex-fiancee Yuri would be found being held hostage and would later be killed. This was a tough time for Ruby and Liam would be there for her while she took time to figure out what happend. One day Liam was almost kiled and decided to buy a rinf to marry her. he took her to the theatre and asked her to marry him and she said yes the had a wonderful wedding and are still married to this day with Liam being the Assitant district attorney and
  6. Birth Name: Damien Flippinton Date of birth: 04/12/1999 Born: Blackpool, United Kingdom Sex: Male Height (Current): 6'2 leaving towards Los Santos where he hopes to join his family members Kai and Skip Flippinton. When he joined he found the gang Infamous the worst gang in the city. While he wasn't a member he would hang with them and would go from dealing drugs to robbing banks. One day he and two members of Infamous would kill a man and have kept that secret still. Damien has a very dark history at a young age and has yet found a good influence in his life to helping change him (Deleted portions for story reason but i can provide the whole thing upon admin request)
  7. Hopefully we see you around dude and welcome to Revo
  8. Some pics The Lost Mc Members took
  9. 1) You quoted me directly 2) It does not mean that at all and I fail to understand how you can reach that conclusion. Maybe take some time to read through what people are saying before you jump to conclusions. 3) I didn't miss your point at all I said they hang there for maybe 5-10 minutes and then they go out and do stuff not hang there until the server restarts. If you feel you can't explain your point better through text your more than welcome to msg on Teamspeak and talk to me there
  10. I didn't claim it was fail RP and I can't understand where you got that assumption from. What I was saying that if you want to find the experienced roleplayers in the server standing in one spot and expecting them to come to you isn't going to happen. Maybe they will stand there for 5-10 minutes but after that, they go and find something interesting to do.
  11. I can tell you the best way to interact with cops is to do something different to everyone else. I've had characters who have done different things involving LEO that has led to interesting stories. I've made cops go on a scavenger hunt to free the hostage I've had, I've had a 100k bounty for the capture of another character and we currently have characters that claim Paltao as its own country. It's about doing something different every time. We have 9 character slots and I see people on the same characters every day it would be nice to see people go out of there way to do something different and see what happens.
  12. You don't see experienced roleplayers there because they're to busy roleplaying. Also to address the point of scripted RP I don't think anyone is asking you to do that just not spend the majority of your time in one spot and not insert yourself into other peoples RP when it's not needed.
  13. Its the main reason why a lot of people stay away from Legion square you get tons of fail RP around there and people treating the server as a chatroom rather than an RP server.
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