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  1. I'm sorry you felt insulted. I'm sorry if anyone felt insulted. I completely understand that leadership in all three WL'd groups do everything they can to effectively staff the server. The numbers I tossed out was off the cuff, we don't need 4 cops on a server, but that is the minimum number for civ's to do certain things which is why I used it. I don't care what the number is I just tossed one out. We have all been down this 2nd Server road before with trying to staff multiple servers and get people into both servers. Why do we think this time will be any different. I can't possibly be the only one who remembers all the complaints about PD and EMS not clocking in as one of the major reasons why they refuse to go to a second server? I'm not saying people can't RP with out them, I'm just saying that its the community who demanded them. I applaud anyone like Ms. @Holland Stiles who grabs their friends and jumps into the other server. Thats awesome. But for it to work you need everyone to be willing to do that and maybe its just the cynic in me, but I don't believe everyone will be like you guys. At least for an extended period of time. I'm going to bow out of the conversation at this juncture. I will do my part to clock in as an officer to help promote activity on whatever server is active and needs me to be on.
  2. They shouldn't be discouraged because one time they looked for a break and couldn't. But again, if everyone is doing their part, the only chance they wont have to get that break will be if there are no cops on, if there are no cops on, then there is no point in trying for a 2nd server to begin with.
  3. Coming to the server shouldn't ever be work no matter what role you're playing. And if everyone is taking time to go on duty then it should absolutely never be an issue. I don't know why you decided to join EMS, but I didn't become a member of PD again because I thought it was work, I didn't do it for status or out of boredom. Its because I love roleplaying as a cop. 95% of my time on server has been as a cop and I enjoy it a lot. I want to get on more often but due to restart times and que, by the time I can get on, the servers are already full. It would be super beneficial to me to have that 2nd server so I can actuallly get on duty and play that cop role. The key in the whole thing though is that everyone has to be willing to do their part. If you playing as LEO or EMS or DoJ is work, then its not what you signed up for and you shouldn't do it. Because its not fun and you'll only be left resenting it. Also, I'm not saying "X number of people before you play your character" I'm saying that everyone should ensure that there are Cops, EMS and DoJ people on duty so that the entire server can grow. The more people interested in playing on Revo's servers the more people to take the load of being on duty. If we don't have any of those people on the server we've just degenerated the server to nothing and that will garuntee no one will be on there. Everyone keeps saying that PD/EMS/DoJ or really, WL'd jobs in general are the life blood of the server, but no one is willing to step up for the community, make filling some numbers a priority to help the server flourish. Let me ask you @Jeff Bear how many people on the EMS roster haven't bothered to clock in in the last month? How many are playing on the server but never clocking in? How many people are only going on duty on the server because a command member messaged them and said, if you don't get on the server in the next week we're removing you from EMS? And I'm being specific of individuals who haven't taken some sort of LOA or what-not. Instead of getting frustrated at minimum numbers, get frustrated at them for not clocking in and doing their share so that everyone can get some time off and have the ability to play other roles. I have no problem with minimum numbers and I will step up and say: I will put the community first. When I am playing GTARP, I will clock in as a officer every time there is less then 4 officers on a server no matter which server I'm needed on. I will also have no problem switching servers to ensure that they are both staffed to the best of my ability.
  4. And whats their first complaint about not wanting to go into Server 2? All my friends are in the other server... followed closely by "There's no PD or EMS on duty in the other server".
  5. Not sure if you're being specific to what I said or something else @Vitami Gattington but you have to understand that if PD/EMS/DoJ don't split themselves between servers and enforce some sort of staffing requirements (and I do mean for each group to set their own requirements) then everyone will continue to pile into only one of the two servers despite the size of the que. This has happened every time the 2nd server goes up. Its not enough to just ask our community to step up and be there. As an example, on this past weekend, with only one server up, we had 22 people on the server, 8 of which were members of either LSPD or BCSO. How many of those officers were on duty.... Only One. And that was a Cadet. We had Command, SGTs, Corporals, Deputies, SrO and a POs in there and either playing other characters or just being off duty. If we're not even going to have numbers getting on a single server how can we ever expect to be able to maintain and staff 2 servers. We've seen time and time again that the majority of individuals will not step up themselves to manage LEO/EMS staffing between the servers. If we don't manage each jobs staffing then we wont see a proper amount getting on a 2nd server and it'll continue to remain a cash farming server. I know and understand burnout occurs. But thats what LOAs, other games, and playing when others have stepped up to go on duty is for. If you're burnt out playing your cop, then coordinate with those that are getting on the server. All of us in these WL'd roles should understand and someone should be willing to step up. And again, if people aren't stepping up to clock in, then its time to clean out the dead wood so others can take on the responsibility of the role.
  6. I know I know... the back in ArmaLife days stories are old and tired buuuuut.... People who join a WL job like PD, EMS and DoJ are pretty much expected that those characters are their primary characters. Certain stipulations should be made to those individuals who wish to take on the responsibility of those roles. That you don't play off duty or another character until there are enough officers on duty. I 100% understand that this will cause individuals stress because they want to deal with those stories on other charcters but... this is part of the "responsibility" of playing a WL'd role. As an example, PD could have a minimum staffing of 4 officers, EMS = 2 and DoJ = 1 per server before any of those can get on the server and play off duty or another character. And thats not to say that once the minimums have been met, if a, for example, 5th officer comes on duty, then you can now go off duty. Because of the requirements in fullfilling WL'd responsibility in #1, you can't vary well carry out multiple WL'd roles. Not to mention the difficulty in maintaining knowledge between characters, the Meta is real! Therefore, you can only have one character in a WL'd role. So PD can't be in EMS or DoJ and vise versa for all the others. I understand this will be a hard decision for some but maybe we can soften it for those who are currently part of one of those WL'd roles by putting them in the reserve list and should they decide that they want to switch roles from say, DoJ to PD then they can do a one time switch between WL'd roles. If further down the road its not the role they thought, then they can apply for one of the others. For the love of God, if people in these WL'd roles don't balance the servers out themselves its up to the highest ranks around (on the server or not) to distribute the resources of staff between the servers to meet minimum staffing needs described in #1. I remember in Arma, at server restarts the we'd all get hauled into the PD lounge and we'd recieve our assignments, not only which server we were going to but what city on top of that. Adjustments would be made should someone have to go back to a particular server to complete an arrest and what-not. I also understand that the above will create staffing issues in some of the WL'd jobs, yes. But eventually people who have a passion for those roles will find their way into those roles. For those that don't get on because they don't feel like playing their WL'd character, don't clock in a resonable amount of time (3 to 4 weeks seems resonable to me) they loose the WL'd role. Again, LOA's can be requested. The trade off from the Administration would be a soft Prio-Que for those in WL'd roles. As a benefit for stepping up and accepting the responsibilities of playing in a WL'd role and the stipulations they are burdened with for the betterment of the community they get that small benefit. So yes, it is very much a RESPONSIBILITY to play PD, EMS and DoJ roles. If you can't step up then resign from those roles so you don't have to worry about the responsibilities anymore. Yes this will 100% mean that sometimes you aren't going to be involved in the big thing going on in the other server, give someone else the chance to let their star shine bright. Yes, that means sometimes, you're not going to be on with all your buddies, but that should be OK too. We should be able to work together as WL'd individuals to accomplish this. Once it gets going everyone will see that it'll be easier to deal with then they think now and its not as "intrusive" as it sounds.
  7. Just for the sake of maintaining updated rules, can this rule be updated to include "not chopping vehicles" while in a police chase. I know, it should be obvious, but its apparently not.
  8. Just to be clear... what you guys are saying is that it would be Power Gaming (and creating a rediculous stalemate) that if Police breach the Chop Shop, the criminals inside can't engage the cops.... and the the cops can't engage the criminals while exiting the Chop Shop, because its Power Gaming? The Criminals may not even know that the cops are outside, cops may not know if anyone is even inside... EDIT: Actually... the same should be said for the Bank vault since we have to teleport in to clear it on a robbery call. If the cops teleport in to clear the vault, the criminals are now Power Gaming because they will, and do shoot as soon as they see officers but the officers may not even be aware of them yet. How is it that we've never considered that Power Gaming but now that we're dealing with more of a civilian vs criminal issue it is?
  9. But I'm not going to know when they're going to teleport back, could take forever for all I know, they could log out in there. I'm not going to have fore-warning by seeing an actual door open so I have to be ready. If its just a door, they're still not going to see me standing beside the door with my gun up until they've already passed through the threshold of the doorway and they're still not going to be able to react with anything significant like drawing a weapon with out getting shot. The would-be criminal still has to engage them verbally before they can rob them. Honestly, any time someone has to go through a barrier, whether its a physical door or a teleport door who ever is waiting on the outside should always have the drop on the person exiting the door. Game mechanics or black screens don't really add into it. You have to wait until they've gone through and you can engage them verbally otherwise its FailRP. If they do anything other then put their hands up in either scenario they're NVL.
  10. I kinda get that, but again, how is that different then exiting any door that doesn't have a window in it? I understand what you're saying, I just don't see a huge difference between a "teleported" door and a door with no window on it. As I said, an easy way to compensate would be to ask the storage owner to install a exterior camera that people could peek at the monitor on their way out of the storage facility that shows the parking lot.
  11. Based on your rule quote, I don't see how thats power gaming? Could you explain a bit more? The criminal waiting outside is not using any "actions, items or emotes that are not in game to excessively change the roleplay scenario". They're just hiding out of sight. Seems to me that its more a victims fault for not considering their own safety before taking stuff out of their storage facility. Plus, how does the criminal prove that the other individual saw them? Not to mention, the victim could easily say they never saw them, despite the fact they did. And, why does the criminal even have to make themselves seen to their potential victim for it not to be Power Gaming, why does that change the scenario from being allow to not being allowed? What exactly is the criminal doing thats breaking rules? How different would that be from the cops waiting outside the hospital for a criminal to come out? Or one gang waiting for another gang to come out of the hospital for that matter? How different is that from a gang gunning down another gang member as they walk out of the prison when their jail sentence is complete? How different is that from getting robbed as someone is processing drugs? How different would that be from Vagos stealing an ambulance and taking it into the chop shop where they'd easily gun the cops down as they breached? Seems to me that the would-be victim may want to buddy up? Or take a drive around the storage area to see if there's anyone suspecious hanging about and call the cops. Or, contact the storage facility management to put a security camera out front in the parking area with a monitor just on the inside of the door so people could check it as they walked out...
  12. I picked up a GTRacing one a two weeks ago on Amazon and am really liking it
  13. Officers can correct me if I'm wrong, or if its no longer occurring, but when I first started playing as a cop this type of behavior was pretty common and disheartening.
  14. "Nobody wants to talk to you Miiiiiiitch" - @Poppy Winslow 😞
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