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  1. @Ainsley Childersit's an ongoing work
  2. So before the great tsunami, I had a pretty extensive thread with folks that I'd made in Sims 4 form. I thought I'd start it again. Here's SOME of EMS - more to follow The Bossman @Gadon Baxter Deputy Bossman @Darcy Reid Top Marshmallow @Araceli Quinoa Elderly gentleman @Edward Thompson and his bombshell formerly bald lady @Susie Carmichael Smooth @Rigzby Rollins The dread pirate SnakeHips @Johnny Kimble Hair so red we gotta spray her with the fire hose @Ruby Blaze Another ginger Mark Jones @Leon Ravenscroft No relation to Mark Jones, Sally Jones @Matilda Lawson So stressful she's got white hair already @Dreah Johnson Evelynn Harper @Lea Johnson - this girl can drive! I'm running out of captions @Lena Tesla Yep, it's 6am and can't do any more @Eevee Lowe @Mace Ranco Flannelgan @Ernest Flanagan Not really a bear @Jeff Bear @Althea Castillo
  3. Another classic from a Lieutenant exam: Lt Carmichael, Cpt Kimble, DC Reid, Chief Baxter
  4. It was a bug/FiveM issue affecting shiz like this. Should be fixed in patch as far as I'm aware. Also, if you believe there's a bug, the bug tracker is the best place to check. If it's not there, just pop a report in to make sure the dev team are aware and have a point of reference to fix it.
  5. We reverted back because of a lot of problems with hearing one another. It just wasn't working.
  6. Also you can do some emotes with it too like /emote lean, /emote sit, /emote chair
  7. Post me the best clips this community has from the last 30 days. I want to be entertained. Thankyou! ❤️
  8. I'd been RPing in one genre or another since around 1999/2000 but had only recently got into voice RP the year before on Life is Feudal. I'd watched a few streams and liked the look of Revolution. The big one at the time was SoE but I thought it looked even buggier than the early Revo was and the wait to get in was enormous so I joined Revo in early May 2017. Then the wait times were also enormous! But I stuck through it and had a great time with my strange little bunch of semi-criminal buddies (Bernie, Dee, Chimi Churri, Emilio, Elliot, Celi, Boston Paul, Jeff, among others) before the drugs scene started really kicking off and I realised that it wasn't what I wanted for my character. So I joined EMS in July 2017 and I'm still there. And still here.
  9. We're the Borg.
  10. Darcy Reid


    Neither as far as I am aware. I believe its healing effect was reduced.
  11. I imagine that when the fix goes in to make them stick we'll all be informed.
  12. Development is a voluntary thing and maybe not all the devs know how to do everything. Six weeks or so ago, we didn't even have a server and it's taken a lot of work to get it to where it is now. I honestly think we need to exercise some patience and I think that even without this post, Floppy is well aware of the concerns at the minute. Maybe try looking at both sides of this. Developers are working their asses off, we're getting patches most weeks and trying to balance it with full time work and also actually playing the game. I am married to an indie game dev and I know first hand that negative comments when you're working your butt off is so demoralising - I'm not saying you don't have the right to criticise but be aware of how your actions affect people who are already stressed out working hard. It contributes so much to burnout.
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