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  1. My character has recently become blind. To be fare I did not take in the full aspect of the roleplay at the time but I thought it would be interesting RP. The issue right now is that I need someone or some sort of guidance in the city. I was just wondering if someone responsible can maybe apply to be a k9 or some sort of guide dog for my character. Obviously there would be a set of rules to be followed by this person and I'm willing to work with it. I am basically asking is there a way that dev's and admins would allow for this type of rp? It would greatly help my character in a roleplay view. I don't need to be a "burden" to other people and this said person has to agree to play the part correctly.
  2. Angela McBride / Anna Stone 🤐
  3. Ok I fixed it have to download the latest file of teamspeak and toko and before installing toko join a server in teamspeak then install it then close teamspeak....very weird but it worked for me.
  4. I have nothing installed. I uninstalled everything
  5. I reinstalled teamspeak and everything worked until the point i reinstalled toko, which i downloaded fresh again. Now I'm back to the start. Any advice on this?
  6. So i'm a bit confused here. There is two sections namely character journals and bios. Is it better to have a journal in your bio or in the character journals? I just feel that everything is together and in one with the bio so im not sure if im doing this wrong lol.
  7. Angela returns home and kick out her shoes from frustration. She throws her keys on the kitchen counter and opens the fridge to get a beer. She grabs a pack of smokes and falls down on her new couch. With a sigh she opens the beer and takes a big gulp from the bottle. Why on earth is this so difficult? I used to be a fucking good medic now I can't do shit right! With a groan she lights a cigarette and inhale the smoke. Angela opens her laptop and attaches the speakers to play some music to wind down her long day at work. After two beers and several smokes she gets up and walks out to the patio. She leans on the railings and look out over Los Santos as the sun is setting in the far distance. One thing never changed. The sunsets are still as beautiful as 3 years back. She turns her head to the right to a group of gangsters arguing with each other. Yep some things haven't changed. I met up with Paul and some old friends the last week. At least there are some familiar faces in town. It is nice to see some familiar people now and again. I'm grateful for the side job Paul gave be with making some jewels shine. Yep I have learned how to make diamonds and rubies in their beautiful form in the last few years I have been gone.That very warm jewelry factory back in Vice City was absolutely a shitty place to work in. Angela gives a small laugh at the thought and frowns at her next thought. Being a medic is nice but I don't feel like it's for me anymore. Also things changed. It's not as warm as it used to be. It kinda feels like if u do one small mistake they gonna lock u up in a room and beat u, okay now maybe I'm just over saturating. Angela walks back inside to grab another beer and some Ramen noodles. She walks back outside and sits herself down at the table. She looks over at the sunset and feels her heart setting with the sun. These days the darkness is creeping in more and more and sometimes it feels like its slowly eating me from the inside out. She thrown as she continues to finish the noodles and sits back with a smoke in one hand and her beer the other. Working and keeping my mind occupied help the darkness from staying away. The evenings is the worst. Where my mind travels to places it hasn't been in ages. Angela finishes her beer and gets up to clear out her bottles and wash her plate. She makes her way to the small bathroom to take a long shower before bed. As Angela lays in bed she closes her eyes and turn on her side. Well I need that beauty sleep if I don't want to continue to suck at my job! She lets out a small giggle just before her mind takes her to her dreams far far away from the darkness...
  8. Angela taps her foot on the beat of the music playing through her headset. She is leaning against a pillar near the luggage roller waiting for her luggage to appear on the roller. Her eyes wonder to a mother and her young daughter pulling on her mother's skirt. The little girl is around the same age as Layla would have been. Angela gives a sweet but faint smile at the memory of her daughter. She shakes her head to clear away from the thoughts that is flooding into her head and turns her focus on finding her luggage. As the taxi drops her in front of the motel she thanks the driver and pays him. She slowly turns around to look at her ''new home''. It is a big building divided in small living space areas. In front of each doorway there is a small plant with a doorway mat saying welcome. Angela smiles at this small little gesture the motel makes to make people feel at home. As she enters the living area there is a small kitchen to her right, a double bed to her left and a small bathroom at the back. There is a door in the kitchen that leads out to a small patio with comfortable looking chairs and a glass table. The view looks over a park and Los Santos businesses. Angela returns inside to pack her belongings away in the dressers provided. As she finishes she takes a seat on the bed and grabs her wallet. This was a long ass trip. Whiskey and a blunt is what I need right now. I wonder if they still have those nice chocolate brownies at the store downtown. She grabs her motel keys and phone and make her way down the familiar yet strange streets towards the stores. After she returns from the store with two bags of groceries and some supplies, she grabs a glass and pours herself a glass of whiskey. She also removes her small bag of weed and rolls herself a big joint. Angela goes out to her porch and flops on one of the comfy looking chairs and pull her legs up on the other chair in front of her. She takes a big sip from her glass and takes a big gulp of weed smoke before exhaling the contents from her lungs. Taking a deep breath of fresh air she lets the weed and alcohol do its job. Tomorrow I will go out and see to find some papers for a job. Maybe I get lucky with a paramedic job again although, I'm not so sure I am that person anymore. Can I still deal with blood and trauma like I used to? Maybe I can make this work, finally call this place my home again. It once was maybe it can be again. Been a shitty 3 years. Closing her eyes she lets her thoughts drift back to the past where the young Angela, Scooter, Emily and John used to do stupid shit for fun. Angela feels a bittersweet feeling in her heart at the thoughts. Slowly her mind is filled with darkness and she drifts away in a deep sleep...
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