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  1. Noticed we didn't have a topic for twitch clips, so I had to make one!
  2. Flora Le'Fae


    Name: Primrose Blanc Alias: Pringles, Prim Current Age: 28 Gender: Female Ethical Origin: Half French, half British. Personality: Hot-tempered, Violent, Vacant. Family: Parents in France. Astrological Sign: Aries Birthplace: France Blood Type: A Sexual Preference: Lesbian Occupation: Druggie Hair: Long, Green. Eyes: Green Left/ Right handed: Both Place/Type of Residence: Los Santos Languages Spoken: English, Broken French Favorite color: Green Fears: Being too broke to buy weed, all the weed in the world disappearing and people realizing she's smart. Interests: Drugs, weed, motorbikes, women, and weed. Dislikes: Smartasses, people against weed, cops. Good, Neutral or Bad?: Bad Distinguishing Features: Always high, raspy voice. Official Backstory: At a young age Primrose and her family moved over to the United States as her father had gotten a new job. Their family settled in Rhode Island very quickly and were welcomed by the community. Overall it was a large step up from their not bad living conditions in France and Primrose didn't miss France one bit. Primrose was immediately thrown into school and due her not speaking English very well, she found it hard to make friends. Whilst people wanted to speak to her because they were intrigued by the new French girl but lacked the courage considering they knew she wouldn't understand them. Years go by and Primrose became fluent in English, but unfortunately, her French was getting a bit rusty. Primrose was the popular girl at school but also managed to put a massive amount of time into studying. During the last years of High School, Primrose started to get involved in the wrong crowds. In these crowds, there was a circulation of Drugs, Parties, and alcohol. Eventually, due to her star student of the school, the pressure was getting to her from her parents, universities and the school and it pushed her further towards the drugs which helped her cope. But she never let it ruin her, instead, she used it to her advantage. She started smoking a lot of weed but instead of instantly getting her high, it would somehow keep her focused for a certain amount of time before eventually wearing off and leaving her high as a kite. After School, she went to Harvard through a scholarship and brought her habits with her. Becoming one of the most notorious dealers at Harvard all while juggling her studies. As Primrose was such a great student, she managed to graduate from Harvard, with a PhD in Philosophy, Neuroscience and a whole lot of money in the bank. She then moved to California to continue her ''business'' Special items: Always having a pouch of weed on her to roll up, Lighter. Weapons: Her fists. Strengths: Crime smart, Drugs, unexpectedly intelligent. Weaknesses: Women and Drugs Medical Conditions: None
  3. Flora was spoiled as a child, born in Virginia Water in Surrey, England which is known as a dominantly one of the richest areas of England it was no doubt that her parents were beyond wealthy and adored their little princess to the point of letting her get every little thing she wished for but, being their little princess for Flora was a harder task than most people would imagine. Both her parents were famous dancers who were known worldwide as the worlds most prime and unparalleled contemporary couple and when it was announced that they were having a child, well that put pressure on not only Flora's parents but Flora herself. Her parents tried to get her brother Damon into dance, but to no prevail they turned their selfish agendas onto Flora. At first, she enjoyed the persistent dance recitals and the regular diet control to stay in shape that was forced upon her, she did want her parents wanted and they kept showering her with gifts upon gifts, whatever she wanted she could get. But as she got older, getting whatever she wanted soon turned into a survival manner as she didn't want to do dance anymore, when the freedom of other teenagers her age became evident to her, she wanted what they had but being devoted to impressing her parents had been nailed so far into her head that she couldn't find it in herself to do what she aspired to do. So in the account to that she continued to what her parents asked, making sure to not hold back when it came to the expense of what she wanted. As most teenagers in the same situation as Flora, a rebel type of nature starts to conjure making Flora more defiant and more angry about everything and everyone. Becoming more stubborn towards her parents didn't fly very well with them which would usually endless in countless arguments which provoked a hot temper with Flora that would soon start to show in Dance school effecting her performance during rehearsals, ending in her being left of important shows and dance offers that were offered to the best of the best at the school. The whole situation became an issue with Flora, although she didn't care at all for dancing, one thing she did care about was getting what she wanted from her parents and the only way to do that was to get offered different opportunities from the school and their were other methods of getting what she wanted rather than putting in hours of practice. Blackmailing teachers and students, causing accidents towards the competition and some other things that she wasn't proud of but got the job done. Eventually she realized that she didn't need her parents anymore and decided she had enough of making them happy and decided to do what she wanted and despite how bad it sounds, she enjoyed doing things the bad way, it gave her somewhat of a thrill knowing that what she was doing was wrong and that it hurt her parents in every possible way, in due course turning into second nature. So at the age of 19, she ventured away from Virginia Water and headed to London in order to get away and become her own person. It started off as small things such as stealing from shops and pick-pocketing, ever so often getting caught by the police but managed to get out of jail time every single time through various methods until she became somewhat of an expert. Sooner or later, she started to get noticed around the city and criminals soon recognized her talents and started working with her to do multiple jobs. Soon enough petty pick-pocketing and shoplifting turned into armed robberies, GTA and even bank robberies. Flora took refuge with one the most promiscuous gangs in the city and learned many things, such as how to use a gun, different trades such as drugs and even how to be a getaway driver, which Flora had a knack for but what caught the eye of the higher-ups was how quickly she was able to manipulate a situation and anyone in order to do what she had to do, a trait she developed during her rebellious years. She soon became a valuable asset to the gang, soon rising up to be one of the big guys in their ranks. After managing to stay out of the heat for 3 years, it soon caught up to her and the gang began to crumble. An incident with a rival gang started to go south and multiple members of the gang had either been killed or gone to prison. Foreseeing the demise of the gang she took the decision to abandon the gang and do the most logical thing. Leave the country. Sooner or later, she found herself leaving for Los Santos at the age of 22. Given the opportunity to start anew, she decided to give it a shot. There are certain things that you can't run from unfortunately and Flora was aware of that. The scenes playing over and over in her head of her friends dying, getting killed in front of her. Essentially she knew that if she stayed in this line of work, more blood would be shed. Even though her methods involved manipulation to get what she wants, she knew that it would bite her in the ass eventually. Although bad habits are hard to shake it's worth a try right?
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