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  1. https://courses.lumenlearning.com/boundless-sociology/chapter/women-as-a-minority/ https://www.huffpost.com/entry/are-women-minorities_b_595a91a0e4b0f078efd98be3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minority_group
  2. No explanation needed. On a more serious note, I've been breaking my head for the past seven hours trying to remember any games that frustrated me, sucked the life out of me or in general just made me mad... And I came to realization that I was, or am so stupid that I enjoyed all those frustrating parts of games (hard missions, storylines that made no sense, the endless grind and whatever else that frustrates people) so therefore I couldn't find any games that ruined my childhood ;-;
  3. Whoopsie, meant to be a separate blog. Name: Cpt. Jabstep Jones Birthday: 04/24 Birth Place: Somalia Occupation: Pirate About: Captain Jabstep Jones was washed up ashore at Los Santos. Originally hailing from Somalia, Jabstep Jones is a Somali Pirate whose ship was wrecked in the ocean after a Pirate vs the Somali coastguard encounter. Cpt. Jones has no idea what Los Santos is about and is only interested in gold, ale and women.
  4. ''my name benny'' - benny brazil
  5. We don't try to come across as patronizing, that stands against everything LEO is, however, the public does seem to force our hand quite a bit. I let myself get involved in a lot of goofy situations with petty criminals and such, BUT when I'm acting EMS and I'm treating someone's friend who's been shot, and another guy comes running at me screaming ''fxck the cops'', clocks me in the back of my head and runs away, you're forcing me to tell you to get the fxck out in the most condescending manner, because, you know, there's someone who's been shot, and he needs treatment, therefore I have no time to play tag with you. You speak about this being a game, and everybody should have fun... Do you think we're having fun explaining to the same people every time a bank is robbed, why they shouldn't do what they do? If you think, we enjoy having to babysit a bunch of grown adults, I believe you have a skewed perception of what an LEO is. About fearing us - you don't have to outright fear the police, that's not our goal here, but unless you're on as many drugs as Dan Bilzerian was on when he asked for a gun in an active shootout situation, you shouldn't be coming over to a bank robbery trying to inject yourself into a situation that threatens your OWN life, you're once again, just forcing our hand to come across some way we don't necessarily wish to be perceived as. ''Treating all of us as the enemy''. Nobody treats you as the enemy though... If you're a law abiding citizen, you'll rarely get scolded by law enforcement officers, however, if there is an active situation going on, and you decide to interfere with it, how are we supposed to treat you? Especially if it's a violent situation, with gunshots going off, a man coming up behind us will threaten our life, because we have no idea what your intentions are, therefore we can come across as authoritarian. Other than that, I don't see any situations where LEO would come across as dictatorial, domineering or showing lack of concerns for the wishes or opinions of others. You speak about changing the behavior, and how it should start at the top - what kind of behavior do you expect to be changed? You want us to act nicer in situations where both LEO and civilian lives are in danger? I don't know about other officers, but I personally don't have steel nerves, and when there is somebody pointing a gun at us from inside the bank, or holding a civilian hostage inside a bank, threatening to slit his throat, being nice to somebody trying to interfere with the situation is the last thing that pops into my mind, securing the perimeter so we don't get mowed down by the suspect's acquaintances comes first, and if that means telling to get the hell out to law abiding citizens injecting themselves into situations, so we can make sure the area is secure and nobody gets hurt, then so be it.
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