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Heads up - The in game Twitter is not for chatting. It's being used the wrong way and needs to stop. Conversations should happen in texts please utilize this feature.

Morgan Freeman

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  1. What's Coming Soon? Simple CSS styling of the scrollbar for Dark and Light Theme. Toggle Twitter feed (Desktop only) Also on mobile Also display Social Media icons here as well.
  2. @Ernest Flanagan @Martin Memphis I have moved them in its own menu in Social Media
  3. Lies! Anyone who uses light theme goes to heaven and see unicorns and rainbows.
  4. New Theme! Dark and Light Variant 🙂 New header setup (desktop only) You'll be able to message, ignore, and find other members content inside topics/post without needed to view their profile. If you're having issues with the new theme, the old theme is still here. Any problems with forum related issues, please use this https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/tracker/forums/
  5. Before the wipe, I've been here since December 28, 2014 (when the community started) and yes I believe we could go further
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