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  1. How about a cute baby picture?
  2. I wrote this before seeing Drey's response. First, I am sorry to hear you feel your experience was ruined. I can provide what happened from my point of view. I was one of the first to arrive on scene at the bank, and tried to negotiate. Not all the clothing was matching. Thomas had a different pair of boots on besides the person who was suspected of robbing the bank. I spotted him in the corner next to the hostage that was referred to as Woods. VOD - https://www.twitch.tv/videos/418726783?t=04h36m20s This is around the time both individuals exit the bank. One is wearing black, the other has tannish work boots. The vehicle that was suspected to be part of the situation was found underneath the bridge later by the Grapeseed General Store underneath the bridge. A fellow officer stated that he saw and was nearby watching and had a general location of where both of you had passed out. I also heard over the radio that there was an email stating that you were coming back into the city. I personally do not agree with someone who loses their head and being able to get away from a situation simply because they didn't wake up with the same clothing. I feel doing so and arguing about that fact could be considered powergaming. The situation doesn't stop, it's put on hold and continues from where it was left off. Screen shot of losing connection - https://gyazo.com/08d5f0f6ddb9bbf8640ef5457ede2eff I am not sure who "they" are. Once Thomas Wildon and you were in the holding cells I had to go afk to get something to drink, use the bathroom, and use the wet dry vac to vaccuum up water that is coming into the basement because of flash floods that have been in our area. When I came back I was surprised that the two of you hadn't been processed. I was told and even asked numerous times over the radio because I thought Thomas was the get away driver and I wasn't sure if he was the one in the bank, but the shoes he was wearing matched the same that he was wearing when fleeing towards the truck. From what I heard the two we had were the ones in the holding cell. I am not upset if someone gets away. At the end of the day it's whatever to me and I honestly couldn't care less. What is frustrating is that it seemed like they had fled, and then lost connection to escape with the money and was simply stating that it had bothered me if it was the case. How I see things is someone can sell drugs, steal cars, shoot and rob whomever they want, and chances are they will get away with it, but if someone continues to do so they raise the risk of being cause and that is Jericho's mentality. Pointing weapons is not true. I witnessed and stated over the radio that I saw the passenger in the vehicle appear to be attempting to aim at us before exiting and fleeing into the boat. Mind you the vehicle was driven straight into the water. The charges that were given were what I felt was fair with the information I had gathered from speaking with the two of you and what was told to me because like I said I was taking care of something OOC. As far as being able to pull a rabbit out of a hat or knowing exactly what someone did I'm here to tell you that's pretty difficult for me to do. Though, I have been spending time reading books based on interviewing and questioning suspects. I tend to take what I am doing very seriously, but it can't be serious all the time and we will joke around with each other. If you feel I was powergaming you are more than welcome to report me and I will submit my VOD as evidence of what happened. I tried reaching out to you on TS after the situation asking why you seemed upset with no response. I don't feel I have a win/loss mentality. We didn't place spikes and we didn't shoot any of the tires out when you got in the vehicle to leave. If anything I felt the situation was good on your part because you were given what you asked for and had a plan in mind. I have an open door policy and even if I am streaming I am more than willing if I am free to respond back to someone. I'm always streaming as well, and if I ever feel I did something wrong I always report myself to my superiors and say, "Look, I think I f***ed up take a look." If anyone ever felt I was powergaming or had a win/win mentality do you feel they would allow that in the PD? I've been averaging about 18-22ish hours straight playing on the server as an officer. It isn't something that I do every once in awhile and it's right there for anyone and everyone to see.
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