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  1. Appreciate it, unfortunately the issue is still very relevant, and continues to cause significant IC and sometimes OOC friction between LEO and criminals. RP is so dynamic and open to interpretation, making rules to structure it is definitely a challenging endeavor. Thanks for looking into the issue! - Mike
  2. @Emi Suzuki I'm currently in Osaka for a few days to visit the consulate. Next time I am in Tokyo I will have to come say hi. Headed back to Iwakuni after that! We will have to chat in TS sometime about Japan.
  3. Hey, I like pictures. Let's have a picture. Bonus picture, S2 status: 10AM JST restart, aka evening EST restart. 26 people could have gone into S2 if it was up at this restart. I sure would have liked to have been one of them.
  4. Mandatory clock-in was one of the main reasons I left the community back in 2017. Don't force anyone to play a character in any capacity, period.
  5. I think the pricing not being popular is an unfortunate side-effect to the countless people whom lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in vehicle upgrades. The fact that we have to pay 5-6k to take undamaged vehicles to the shop before spending $1000 to paint it something other than orange is simply wrong. From the Legion Square Valet to Los Santos Customs with ZERO damage, 6k in repair fees to make it not be bright orange. I have 8 vehicles that I own on that one character. Not including the paint it is going to cost me almost $50,000 to repair vehicles with no damage in order to change the color to something other than orange.
  6. I am super guilty of this, and this is a good reminder to step back and not make assumptions. I mix up Granger's civ and cop, Trooper Kali and her mom, and others. It's mainly due to my inexperience and ongoing efforts at being a better RPer. Good post, +1
  7. Floppy, It's been a good while since the attack, and we are getting new people into the community regularly. Any chance the server welcome screen can be updated as we all put this behind us and move forward?
  8. Hello all, The reason I am bringing this up, is it seems that the cop baiting rule is a bit too vague, and seems to be generating OOC frustration or anger. The only thing that is listed in the rules is the following: Trolling and any unbecoming roleplaying attitude is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: Cop baiting This seems EXTREMELY open to interpretation and due to its vague nature may cause friction between police and criminals. This is furthered by the street value and utility of cop equipment (key card, jail cell key, slimjim). Whether we like to admit it or not, the criminal population mostly knows about these items and how to use them. Some may interpret cop baiting as someone repeatedly driving by a cop at high speed to attempt to bait them into a chase. Others might see baiting as triggering an alarm or luring cops to a location to be robbed by organized groups. Some may even see cop baiting as routine crimes depending on how the are committed. Misusing EMS requests is also a topic of hot debate in this regard. My thought behind making this topic, would be to have some insight added into the rules to better understand what the Admin team is trying to communicate to the player base in regards to cop baiting. As always thanks for your time and consideration. Respectfully,
  9. @Jasmine Kali Sure, go for it. I'm 7 followers from 100, and i'd like to get my stream on the forums list if possible.
  10. I'll share some pics of the little man. 28 days old.
  11. Like I have mentioned in another thread, I am willing to fund a paid developer position for the server. The final amount could be discussed, but I had something along the lines of $500 a month for consistent content creation and bug fixing. Depending on your situation that amount might be life changing if you have the skills, and a normal job isn't your thing. I am also sure that other members of the community could contribute to increase that monthly amount. Ultimately I enjoy the servers and the community, and am willing to pay out of pocket to see it consistently improve and grow.
  12. I have money, but not the skills to code or time to learn to do so. I would happily contribute significantly to a developer or developers to work part or full time on improving the servers, and by doing so expand the community. I think it would be a fantastic idea to give financial assistance to those whom selflessly work to make the servers better on a regular basis.
  13. From a lawyer POV and you as a new coworker I think you are doing great. RPing with you offers a fresh and often different yet beneficial perspective on things. I can't wait to tackle a few cases in court.
  14. Well here we go. My wife's water broke on the evening of the 13th, and we went to the hospital as planned. We spent the next few days with her being in pain due to contractions. I asked the doctor to perform an epidural as my wife was in agony from the contractions and exhaustion (nerve block of most pain from the middle spine down). An epidural is common in America, but uncommon in Japan. The doctor attempted this, and failed twice. No low pain birth for her. From that point until today they have been giving my wife pain meds and trying to have a natural birth, as here a C-section is last resort. At around 1700 JST+9 on May 20th, the doctors came into the room in a large quantity, and had the ultrasound machine. Afterwards the doctor called away for an emergency c section. I later found out this was due to my son entering a temporary death state. I actually got all of it on my GoPro IRL, scary stuff. Fortunately after a short surgery, Ryu was delivered at 3426 grams or a bit over 7.5lbs. He is huge and very tall compared to the average baby in Japan. From what we can tell both he and my wife will be fine and recover quickly. If you find me in server (as I have about 1-2 months off work for the baby, and mostly work from home) please don't mind a bit of background noise. This community really helped me through the last week, and has been a nice distraction to the very real and scary situations that have unfolded the last week. Couple of pictures. See you all around town, and thanks to everyone, as it is you who makes the community special. Respectfully, - Mike
  15. Well the typical vehicle over here is tiny, and i'm a typical American. The C55 is my first European vehicle, but I have been impressed so far. I am thinking about an Audi convertible for my next vehicle. @Hans Krieger I only wish the roads weren't so congested, and speed limits so low over here.
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