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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/treyswaq/clip/HorribleAthleticAsteriskRiPepperonis During the race at the horse track the other night when I finished in third place like a G then got hit by a car. Shit had me rollin'
  2. The Party bus may have been a great investment.. But I don't know about driving it long distances. R.I.P @Benny Brazil
  3. Joined early March this year. I found out about revo after all the gta v rp was popular on twitch. I’ve played on role play servers before but the ones that have lambda menus and rp is only at sandy. (Aka shit servers) and once it became popular and I discovered how sophisticated rp can get I was intrigued. I looked for a smaller steamer on nopixel to ask if there are any servers that are like nopixel and she mentioned revolution life along with two others. Never had as much fun on a video game before as much as this city, I don’t see myself goin anywhere for a long time.
  4. Face of Tony Jones (My necklace is my logo for my twitch name/gamer tag custom made sterling silver)
  5. I like The Blackout because its simple and we did all experience some sort of blackout hence being left in the dark for a few days.
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