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Tony Jones

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  1. Tony Jones

    Todd Benson

    HI, I'm Todd Benson. I actually come from the suburbs of Chicago where I was homeschooled all my life. My parents are probably the best thing that ever happened to me. They absolutely made sure I had a great time growing up and learning everything I need to know about this world. I'm lucky to be able to grow up with one of my best friends, Cole, who was way better at Disc Golf than me. I grew up in the Church of Jerusalem where I would go every Sunday with my parents and go to a smaller service on Wednesdays. I've always wanted to be able to help the people of America, after watching lots of T.V. and reading books about what goes on in America I want to be able to do what I can to stop crime. LivePD is like my favorite show, my mom didn't let me start watching it until i was 20. Ever since I've always wanted to become a police officer and stop the bad people in America. Well, I am Todd Benson, and this is my story.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/treyswaq/clip/HorribleAthleticAsteriskRiPepperonis During the race at the horse track the other night when I finished in third place like a G then got hit by a car. Shit had me rollin'
  3. The Party bus may have been a great investment.. But I don't know about driving it long distances. R.I.P @Benny Brazil
  4. I like The Blackout because its simple and we did all experience some sort of blackout hence being left in the dark for a few days.
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