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  1. Hunter told me about it today on the server about it. I went "Yeah....but tickets & hotel make it a no go." I'm hoping to go in 2020 though.
  2. I somehow got hit behind the mask in my ear once, I was washing paint out for awhile - and the ear/hair were yellow for a couple days at least. One guy I know dared to someone to hit him in the face, and he got shot right on the hairline of his forehead. That swelled up quick. He was dumb enough to keep going with a just a tshirt on, and got hit so many times it looked like he was bit by tons of mosquitoes. Before you ask, we were 14.
  3. Vehicles that don't have plates are typially classified as unroadworthy vehicle. Also, there's a series of numbers called the Vehicle Identification Number: https://www.autocheck.com/vehiclehistory/autocheck/en/vinbasics Every car in the United States is given one of these, unique to the car. It's what insurance companies use when filing claims and what's used to identify cars for license plates. If a car is stolen and the plate is taken off, cops can go into the system and look up the VIN to find out if they recovered the car and everything. Basically, to answer your question. Cops can still "ID" the car. If it doesn't have a plate on it, it has a VIN on it. So, a cop can still find out if it's yours, or someone else's car. It's what I say I'm looking at if you're driving one of the cars in Sandy, or a motorcycle that doesn't have a license plate.
  4. #RipDrey Driving towards the lights.. I just don't know. I was tired.
  5. Side scrolling action, with Shaq the martial artist kicking butt in gym clothes. The story....I cannot put into words. It was the age of where anything could be made a game. Why did I play it? I was kid who played a lot of basketball. Least that was my reasoning to want to play it. But, really ANYTHING could be made...
  6. In the middle of nowhere in North Carolina. EAST COAST BEST COAST 😉
  7. Sometimes it's pretty nice to look behind when you're driving and see some nice stuff.
  8. Yep! Just wanted people to understand what they were going towards incase they had questions what it might used for/if it was different from forums donations.
  9. As was stated during the meeting, anything that goes to helping improve the server and show appreciation to those who spend their free time developing and fixing bugs - I'm all for it.
  10. There are no words. Ghoul just hanging around. What's under the mask. Good story about why the tattoo. The boys are back in town....
  11. Name: Vance BradfordAlias: GhoulAge/Birthday: 29, 02/10/1990Hometown: Southeast, exact location unknownFirst Language: English - AmericanFavorite Color: Dark BlueFavorite Things: Hard rock, his motorcycle, living by his own rulesFamily Members: Unknown direct family members. He considers his MC members to be as close, if not closer, than family.Personality/Attitude: Guarded, reserved, and stand-offish. Short tempered. Loyal to those he believes deserve (notably MC)Skills: Grease monkey, Mechanically gifted (making guns, and repairing his bike).Dislikes: People who show disloyalty/dishonesty, people who mess with his bike, those who hurt/wrong members of the MC, schedules/those who aren't "free"Strange Behaviors: Values his Club members' lives more than his, can flip from calm to anger at a moment's notice. Habits: Routinely takes things apart to put them back together, riding his bike to clear his head and destress Background: Not much is known about Vance's childhood, as he doesn't share any of it. What is known is he left his home at a young age, because his parents were never there. He snuck around mostly, finding different ways to survive. As he grew older, he took more risks and loved the adrenaline rush it gave him. By the time he was 15, he heard the first sound of a motorcycle and was hooked. It happened to be owned by a mechanic at a garage in a town he was passing through. He decided then to try to get a legitimate job, and applied to work at the garage. He didn't have knowledge then, but he was hired to clean up around the shop. The owner wasn't able to pay him that much, but Vance quickly suggested what can't be paid could be taught. Over the next 3 years, Vance was a sponge soaking up everything he could. The mechanic Vance first saw, was the one who was the most hands on. He was amazed at how easily Vance learned things and called him a "natural." Everyone took notice how much Vance was in awe of the motorcycle. They chipped in and got Vance his first motorcycle...which he cherished. As he had been one for so long, Vance slowly grew to a point where he couldn't sit still. He had also reached a place where he felt he knew more than enough, and the men at the shop couldn't each anymore. Slowly he felt as if they didn't respect him, or value his work. By his 20th birthday, he had enough. One night, he snuck into the garage, took what money he could and left the city. What was once so promising, had deteriorated. He thought at this time he could do anything. And then he ran into the Lost MC. His bike was in pieces, and he had been looking for a new one. He came across a biker bar in what is believed to Texas. He attempted to take one of the bikes, as he thought he could get away with it. Just as he hopped on, he was surrounded by a number of people. What happened that night will likely never be known, but it began what is viewed as a "redemption." Where he once could've been argued to be a parasite....Vance slowly turned into a solid soldier. He found what he wanted....a family. A group of men & women who challenged him in ways others hadn't. They didn't follow schedules, but they had rules. Rules...he respected. Even if he didn't fall in line right away. It would be the first time he learned more of grunt work, and had to earn his stripes. But, once he "got the picture" things fell in line pretty quickly. He went from a "hangaround" to a full member gradually...and then quickly rose to soldier one he got the picture. He learned the ideas of respect and trust, he had never been shown before. He was treated like an adult, rather than just a project. He was given tasks and expected to fulfill them, which he did. He was loyal, and ruthless when needed. The one thing Vane never had, was a nickname until one night. When trying to take care of a rival gang, Vance was too close when an explosion went off. The fire scared a significant portion of his face. Initially the gang didn't want to take him to the hospital due to potentially being linked to the cause of the fire. After several hours, he was taken to a hospital for treatment, where doctors said based on the burns he was lucky to be alive. After the bandages were removed, you could see a discolorization on one side of his face compared to the other. One of the guys there commented Vance looked like he was back from the dead. Vance was dead...and Ghoul was risen. In response to his nickname, Vance went spoke to a couple of tattoo artists in the club and slowly got marks on his face to hide the scars, and live up to the name. It was a celebration when Vance revealed his tattoo to the club. They viewed it as a sign of respect to the club, and showing he's there for life. He would do anything for the club if asked. Then the time came when he was called for bigger things. The President of his club, had tasked a few members with assisting chapters with revitalization. Vance was told about the chapter in San Andreas, that had fallen on hard times. George had reached out to a few clubs for help, asking for some of the younger promising men & women to come help in one of the country's major cities. Vance was tabbed as one, and with a goodbye to many members of the MC. Vance headed west, with every intention to ride back out to visit those who helped him find his way. Now, he just wanted to return to others. To help those Lost to become found.
  12. I joined in the initial wave of FiveM being noticed on Twitch back in 2017. I found Revo through streamers like Timmac & Proxy and got hooked. People haven't pushed me away yet. Started as EMS, when I wanted to be a cop originally. I joined PD back in July 2017. Taken a few breaks due to RL but always coming back because this server has tons of friends and those that I call family. Had highs and lows on the server - lows just being mostly burnt out. But, what's great about the server it hanging out in TS or in other games with people. Carrying friendships off the server and having fun elsewhere. At the end of the day, we come back to Revo because it's where these friendships started and where some continue. Still a cop to this day, with a rough NY accent, where my Southern accent comes through. I can't remember the last time someone said anything other than JT to me....outside of formal introductions. 😉
  13. I know we had a post about this on the old forums, and I don't think many people were looking into it. But.... The inner child of me, who first played this game in 2005, squealed. https://www.mmo-champion.com/content/8509-WoW-Classic-Launches-August-27th-Beta-May-15th And yeah, like the WoW guy I am... I preordered this too. 🙂
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