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  1. Go into the light..... An impromptu take on Abbey Road
  2. Granted it was the OLD model for her.... Classic @Taylor Faye ignoring JT. Wonder who she's texting? ? For reference when I say "old" model. She can deny it if she wants but check out the bottom right... I think that was when we started having more free mode models for cops. So, we weren't all carbon copies (well males at least).
  3. I'm on Pagle normal as Alliance and have characters on Whitemane & Fairbanks that are horde. Pagle is where my guild on retail is. So, messing around there while Horde is preference.
  4. Not sure what Luna ( @Eevee Lowewas trying to do here. Testing out @Scott Walker's visual mods - with a few extra shaders.
  5. Just the Lost enjoying some relaxation. @Hunter Reglem
  6. More power to those that would want this - because I know so many play it. But, unfortunately I don't own and have never played Minecraft. Don't shun me.
  7. Hunter told me about it today on the server about it. I went "Yeah....but tickets & hotel make it a no go." I'm hoping to go in 2020 though.
  8. #RipDrey Driving towards the lights.. I just don't know. I was tired.
  9. Side scrolling action, with Shaq the martial artist kicking butt in gym clothes. The story....I cannot put into words. It was the age of where anything could be made a game. Why did I play it? I was kid who played a lot of basketball. Least that was my reasoning to want to play it. But, really ANYTHING could be made...
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