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Johnny Kimble

EMS Command
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  1. It's customary to join in on a good Sandy dance off. *Banjo music in background*
  2. Best hats since 2019
  3. I like the change too, however the color can be hard to see sometime, it blends in with the environment depending what you looking at, look at the difference between the orange and the purple in this screenshot. It's not a major problem, can always rotate the camera around until you can read it.
  4. But it looks like they missed the part where everyone left their captain to die in the rain. ?
  5. Be patient and wait in TS, the staff cannot work 24/7 ?
  6. This was gold, almost like they had legion square as the original story, hell even with EMS fighting you back if you stir up shit ?
  7. That would be Toby Mitchel Note the drama I'm trying to cause in the background
  8. @Jeff Bear @John Gosnell Hit it!
  9. Hahaha and I thought my boat rodeo was crazy
  10. The commish did not lie and delivered.
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