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  1. I just stumbled on the exact same issue, I noticed issues with the wardrobe so I decided to catch the train and get back, and now i have the same issue
  2. Also when you are down I don't think you can call EMS. Since you are... Down 😊
  3. Be patient and wait in TS, the staff cannot work 24/7 😊
  4. This was gold, almost like they had legion square as the original story, hell even with EMS fighting you back if you stir up shit 😄
  5. You still owe the hospital $10 for the bandages
  6. That would be Toby Mitchel Note the drama I'm trying to cause in the background
  7. @Jeff Bear @John Gosnell Hit it!
  8. Hahaha and I thought my boat rodeo was crazy
  9. The commish did not lie and delivered.
  10. When you have so many EMS calls you end up in another dimension Veteran fire fighters
  11. And the people thought I was joking when I served alien ice cream up in paleto bay! @Mitchel Jansen @Isaac Mendez , it is quite possible Mitchel IS the alien.
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