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  1. Eevee Owen

    Celty Sturluson

    Celty Sturluson Age/Birthday: 25, 13/10.1994 Hometown: UK Favourite Color: Black Favourite Things: Tattoos, cruisers Family Members: Devils Rejects MC are a family! Personality/Attitude: Hard headed, Psychotic, intelligent Skills: Planning, social networking, intel Dislikes: Sports cars, Anything Pink Strange Behaviours: Psychotic episodes Habits: Cocaine Gaming Celty grew up back home in the UK. Her parents gave her up for adoption due to her aggressive behaviour. She was good in school bringing in all A's in her exams but that wasn't enough to get her parents to love her and take her back. She was left alone, out of the care system and on the streets. An infamous group of bikers; The Angles of Death took her in and treated her like the family she never had. Due to the lack of presence in LS, her and the gang moved over to show the city that the AOD were alive and well. Due to lack of 'management' in the gang it began to dissolve, members leaving the city without a trace. Celty was once again left alone. Celty now has the tough decision of remaining in LS and find a new family or heading back to the UK and on the streets. 'We are all searching for someone who's demons play well with ours' Unknown
  2. Sadly i missed the fashion show. But here is my contribution to the cosplay section!
  3. @Micky Jackin @Andy Wick @Edward Owen @Lexia Hasuki(Roxy sweetser) @Kat Sweetser
  4. Date Day with the Husband @Edward Owen????‍❤️‍????‍????
  5. 'My brain is leaking!' - Nova price (@Charlotte Paige)
  6. Date day! @Jean Boudreaux ?
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