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  1. I've been playing by myself for an hour or two as a scav and so far it seems like having multiple people would be much better. SO if anyone is down my steam is Secutor or just message on here.
  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/ImpossibleStupidTrayKappa
  3. My instruments below all 3 in 1 pic (White 4 string bass: Jackson Js2 Concert Bass. Black 5 string: Ibanez SR305 6 string guitar Ibanez: AGR I think. idk I never liked guitar lmao. My amp: peavey tnt 115 S and old bass that was a Ibanez 5 string g205 with some scuffed EMG pick ups
  4. (ignore ID's i have no idea how to do photoshop that good) WeazelNews: Journalist taken hostage and then put into a underground ring in the middle of nowhere. The men in the cage wished to be recorded but show no evidence of their face. Weazel News: Man passed out due to Steroid Overdose. More to come. Weazel News: @Toby Blackmoore telling us about how a man hit his dog and ran over his girlfriend. We should have more details soon about the story to come. Weazel News: We talked with a Bernard Kraft about the upcoming BCSO elections, he feels as if Sheriff Deshawn Montgomery (@Mike Michaelson) would make a great choice. Weazel News: We talked with a man about once again the up coming BCSO elections. He feels that @Frisco McGarrett would also make a great choice. But also backs @Jasmine Kali with a 3rd semester Weazel News: A Mr. Tasuki (@Mike Michaelson) has a confrontation with an officer ( @Jericho Bane) Mr. Tasuki feels as if LSPD is corrupt. Weazel News: @Lofty Jones stands in front of a rundown Motel that Sandy Shores Residents has felt it to overstayed its welcome. Weazel News: We take a look into a LSPD Cadets life thanks to the help from Dennis Boudreaux (I'm unsure of you're @ please let me know via email!) with a quick interview. He feels strongly about the people of San Andreas and is happy the force felt he was a correct choice! Weazel News: SAST (@Floppy Pancakes) and BCSO (@Mike Michaelson) stand strong against a @Gadow Jones and @Cameron Soap while at a officer down situation. Weazel News: SAST @Emilia Kali down wounded causes unknown while another SAST Grinnin Barrett (@Floppy Pancakes) checks over his partner from a distance a @Jim Joneswatches Weazel News: @Lofty Jones interviews a monkey man (@Steven Bean) during the chaos of the down Trooper. Weazel News: From a far a Mr. Jones talks about the drunken driver collision on Great Ocean HWY. We tried to get a word with the LSFR Commander @Ruby Blaze and @Ernest Flanagan but they wished to not be spoken to during said time.
  5. Dakota Simmons

    Weazel news

    Here's all of the shots I've gotten of Weazel news in action!
  6. Listen to this while scuba diving. or in cop chases.
  7. Congrats Mike! Can't wait to have you back in town soon!
  8. Carrying Flynn Random Street race we decided to do Young stupid Dakota before knew anything really about the city
  9. This is probably extremely loud btw at certain points sorry.
  10. @Lofty Jones took a picture of me recently and I think I'm a good driver.
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