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  1. Both. I think if one is left, it still crashes. Let me recheck Edit: It only seems to open TS when the 64 bit is deleted, but I don't have access to Toko. When 32 is deleted, I crash. -
  2. Ah, but toko doesn't work without those addons.
  3. It starts up completely fine, no crashes.
  4. So when I download the newest version of TS, it works just fine, but Toko is installed I get the crashed message . Edit: When these two files are installed it crashes my teamspeak.
  5. So, I attempted to open Teamspeak today, but when I did it gave me a crash message. I haven't touch anything from last night, it is running the same version used for TokoVoip. If I try to revert to a later version, it works fine, but Toko does not. If anyone has any idea on how to fix this or if it's a TeamSpeak thing, please let me know. I've done about everything I can to fix this, (Uninstalling, restarting, etc)
  6. The beautiful state of Florida. The sunshine and crackhead state
  7. Friends die together. @Jay Bishop
  8. Guy my face was on the last version of this 😂
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