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  1. I still appreciate your input and want to put in your thoughts on the subject, Mitchell. To answer your question on "What's different this time around" is that we have fresh people who haven't experienced the 2 server thing And the intent of the first post in this thread is so that anyone interested in the 2nd server can see the context in which I'd like to bargain with. We make an effort, and anyone who would like a 2nd server for whatever reason, salt, frustration, complaint or sadness/disappointment, can all agree to one thing. "If we don't populate Server 2, We hereby agree and understand Staff's decision to bring the server down. No more complaints." [edit] Also; there's already helix-like behavior in clockins no matter what department. If the masses wish to complain about lack of staffing from "Government Officials" there's really little difference at this current point, rendering that argument a little moot.
  3. That's excellent. Good. That's what I'm looking for. I Will still not put weight on putting a minimum on clock in without weighing in with the individuals of a department. I understand your suggestions were suggestions. But they were made with a strong insinuation that the departments don't take care, effort or time to analyse and try to effective staff if possible. That, in itself, is insulting and personally disrespectful. I don't claim to know or speculate how EMS runs. They have their own dynamics that are not privy to me. Motivation comes to everyone differently. Your motivation seems to stem from the satisfaction of being able to function as an officer in the server. Sometimes, an officer is unable to function. As an officer. Some officers may be met with OOC distractions from life or from members of the server itself, thus staling or affecting one's enjoyment. I appreciate the suggestions and think that a minimum clock in might be healthy in some way. I Don't claim that it'd be a solution, I do think it could be worth exploring. But I will not suggest that in my thread. What I'm looking for, is another chance for a second server with the collective agreements between community to fill a server. And Staff, to agree to bring up or take down a server. Period.
  4. I feel like these suggestions can can be figured out and negotiated within their respective departments. I'm not about to force anyone to play something especially with the expeirence of burnout. I'm hoping that yes, the second server will eleviate some of the frustration that's out there including burnout. But again. I"m not going to dictate what people do. That is not my place, nor is it my right to tell someone how they can enjoy the server. I don't know how much effort they put into the server and what state they've run themselves into. period. That aside, I'm all for suggestions.. but I'd prefer if my proposal which is open for a very clear reason; to remain neutral and open for interpretation in order to develop a better clarification on a contractual understanding to keep Server 2 up. I don't mean to be obscene... but I do not quite understand how the suggestion pertained to my suggestion. They are valid suggestions, 100%. But not part of my suggestion.
  5. Is it not possible to do with both instead of perpetuating a frustration that's already existent? My intent was to minimize the EXISTING stigma that is manifesting through the inability of being able to even experience RP on Revolution. Though I admit, I do not know what the progress is for OneSync, until it can be tested or even brought up, this is the issue as it is right now. And I wanted to find a medium in this current meantime. I feel it's fairly agreed upon from the community that we'd rather see OneSync working. Everyone's been patient in the meantime. However, between attempts, there's still disappointment.
  6. Revision made to not only blanket statement "Community" But for LEO/EMS too
  7. TLDR: Community: Let's prioritize filling both servers evenly. Players of all roles; PD,EMS,Civilians,Gangs. If you MUST join the already full server when a second server is up with room, at LEAST make commitment to fill it the very next chance you get. Staff: If the community follows through; May we have Server 2 up? If we fail, take it back down. I for one, will understand 100%. Proposition: Give it 2 weeks of bringing Server 2 up? Is that too long? We can talk about it maybe. Basically, I want to stop disappointing Staff by having them open 2nd server and have an underwhelming attendance to it. I want to stop hearing disappointment in the community when they are unable to just RP. I want to be able to start stream for myself and not worry that I'd have started it for nothing. ---------------------------- the thing that was too long to read. ---------------------------- For Community: So you've been seeing it. I've been seeing it. During high traffic times, some restarts have a good 16-22 people in queue for the entire duration of the storm (when it's the noon restart PST). The problem is; Even if Sever 2 is opened up, BARELY HALF of that queue transfers over, making the effort useless and the experience for those who DO come over; disappointing. I can understand that there are some people that might have gone in for RP reasons or what not and you'd like to join them. But I'd like to see us have a 2nd server during those high times AND so people aren't disappointed or frustrated with nothingness. Especially for content creators who come in and get caught in queue. If there's no Plan B, there's frustration. I and a few are willing to switch on a dime if the 2nd server comes up. I'll do it even if it means I'll have to disengage from an ongoing situation or exit gracefully in order to make it happen. If you ABSOLUTELY must feel just a little greedy enough to just wait to join the -already- populated server, I only ask that you make the effort to man the other server the next time. For Staff: So long as the community as able to commit, may we have 2nd server up during prime/busy restarts? If we're unable to keep the numbers up to make it worth having Server 2 up, feel free to take it back down. I understand the frustration when being asked to open 2nd server and barely anyone attends, those who have attended are met with little to no interaction and on top of that, people exploit mechanics or lack of personnel. I will not argue if you feel it'd be best to bring it back down. I want to see us making it work.
  8. I get the goal to make sure no one is stranded. I've noticed the increased methods of transportation from Taxis to Rental locations. I really like what i'm seeing! However, I think the majority of frustration is that repairs; often caused by ways not in their own or another player (caused by AI), mount up to be more expensive than the car itself... I feel like this is contributing as to why so many people are selling their cars. It's not worth keeping/owning a vehicle anymore For the sake of just being able to drive around, my groups and I own cheaper vehicles. It isn't so much that the costs are bad individually. It's the surmounting additions of damage and the resulting costs to repair them that is the issue. When I"d dare say about 75% of the time, the damage is caused by wrecklessly driving AI. We'd be driving 40 down a road in Los Santos and for no reason, on a straight away with no turns or intersections, an AI would swerve from one lane to another then back or turn right around to T-bone us. We don't have weapons out or anything that could cause probable provocation. It just happens.
  9. It's entirely up to you, Benny! There -are- services available in the IC community that can help the mourning plan the ceremony. It's a good excuse for people to gather. Jus tknow that it's also a good excuse for villains to show up too >:3c just food for thought. You have the power though. It's your character your story. It could be a murder mystery! have a particular few people do investigations or a the whole community! Maybe just LEO when a friend reports that the death is "highly suspicious! We'd never see Benny at <blank> doing <blank>. or.. Maybe it's just cut and dry. Something happened and boom. ded. Maybe a heart attack! EMS can do a medical report to identify what happened! PD can help investigate the unusual circumstances and may or may not find the truth! Maybe civilians or friends of the deceased plan their respects for their friend lost too soon and hold a wake at Bahama Mama's, offering ALL the booze to the city for an hour or two. Though your character may fade, I hope you never do! I look forward to more interactions with you (maybe not as brief as in the past) GLHF!
  10. I was part of a great family. Loving parents, great sisters and brothers. I was second born, a middle child. My eldest sister was an example of who we were to be and from her, I learned that we were an elite. We went through training after training to heighten our senses and make hone our skills. We are perfect specimens and our family's purpose was to be lending a helping hand to those in need. That lifestyle was quickly ripped from my grasp. Some people came to the house. Loud noises everywhere, screaming, yelling. I was small and young with little experience. Before I knew it, I was carried off and then held on display on a chain in some dirty, damp place that smelled like metals. People would pass by and examine me like I were some piece of meat. They'd lift an arm, a leg, put a brace over my head and have me turn my head left and right so they could examine my neck. Well- I think they were looking at my neck. I don't know. They made me feel uncomfortable. Till this pretty couple came by. They spotted me and I saw nothing in their eyes. They didn't bother examining me. They had a word with the person who handled the transaction and soon, my binds were loosened from my post. I was in a sense, free, but bound to this couple. They took me to their home. Fed me and then locked me in a closet. The first night at their place, I kept hearing tinkering from the husband's study upstairs. I didn't think much of it, but I always would catch a whiff of something unusual every so often. Then, I didn't know what it was but now, I understand it was a scent associated with bombs. About four light cycles later, I couldn't handle it anymore. This smell just itched at my nose and clawed at my brain. I had to investigate. I waited till late at night with the door slightly open. I think the couple wasn't used to having someone like me around so they'd forget to close the door here and there. I got up on my feet and started padded up the stairs as silently as I could manage. My nails clicked softly when I got careless with my movements but I wasn't concerned about that. I needed to know what that smell was and get rid of it. As I approached the husband's study, I slowly peeked in. It was like a wonderland of non-moving water. Gobs of water just sat still with wet water within. Air-water poured out from the tops of them. There was a small white wall with black scratching all over it, some of the scratching were rubbed away. As I looked around, I found colorful skin covers to thin pieces of bark-tissue of trees. Some of these skin covers were open exposing the bark-tissue full of more scratching but this time, the scratching were tiny and uniform.. in a sense. And that's when it hit me. So many smells! Sweet, sour, bitey, bad, really bad, hurty, soft, fluffy, so many smells. I couldn't describe all of it. I roamed around the room, examining everything I could get to. Poking my nose into all the little canister of things. It was a wonderland of discovery! And that's when the other thing happened. The man was mad, standing at the door and growling. Furious. He yelled, roared and barked. I looked around myself. I tried to keep all the interesting things in their own piles but somehow, they got messed around. He started roaring louder and crashing the solid water filled with wet water onto the ground making a horrible shattering noise and some would come crashing into me with serious force. The whole time, he'd continue to look at me and eventually, he made a reach for me. I booked it, my claws taking a few temps at gaining traction on the ground but I finally did it and ran. I tripped and tumbled down the stairs and as I hit the bottom, I could still hear the husband making god awful noises above. I didn't want to stay. I ran to the door and as I approached it, I realized I couldn't open it on my own. So the next best thing came to mind. Headbutt it. I closed my eyes and ran full speed. The door stopped me dead in my tracks and I staggered back before I shook it off and ran at the door again. I swear I felt it give a little more but it still didn't open. Again. I ran as quick as I could and smacked into it and black. I woke up outside with pains all over my body. I think the man got a couple kicks in while I was out. They chained me to their fence and I could smell rain coming. The couple were taking things out of the house and then they drove off... I was left there to rot. Days passed and I resorted to eating bugs off the ground. I even began nibbling on the gross grass around me at the risk of purging it all up anyway but anything's better than nothing- it was a chance I'd be willing to make. It was then that I realized that the binding around my neck was loose due to my loss in mass. I started trying to wriggle free and as I was getting some progress out of that thing, I saw someone. A man in camouflage glanced at me and proceeded down the block. Then another. Then someone approached from the back yard and walked by me as well. These people were roaming like night creatures at dusk. Then, there was another. This time, he came to me and helped me free from my bindings. He didn't reach out to me immediately. He just sat by me. I felt like he just wanted to make sure nothing came by to prey upon me. He left some food for me and left with his pack. I ate. I rest. For some reason, I waited. Not for the filthy people that held me captive before. I doubted they'd come back. But I hoped this person who offered peace would... and he did. He appeared in view about a house away and faced his shoulders toward me. He gestured something that I knew very well. His right arm, closed fingers and open palm reached out half way from his side and scooped around his front and closed in to his chest. He didn't say a word, he just... Gestured. And I followed. I followed behind his pack a good half-league and he did another gesture. He squared his looked over to me till we made eye-contact and brought his right fist up to his right shoulder, brought it in and down before opening his fist with palm toward me. I stopped in my tracks and stepped behind cover. This continued till the sun disappeared and it was hard to see but by that time, we seemed to be in a place that smelled more like him and his pack. I got to drink and eat. I got to be left alone. No one touched me. They all respected me- perhaps by command of this human. He gave me a name. Duke.
  11. My brother had an NES and when he found I had an interest in fantasy lore and stuff, told me to play "Wizards and Warriors" (the game had been a several years old by the time I got to it). Wizards and Warriors III is what made me hate life for a bit. The game series in general were almost impossible for my little mind and the limitations of controllers back in the day. I experienced rage at an early age. Plus side: Frustrating games no longer make me angry.. because I experienced these lovely nuggets from the game deity of hell. The theme haunts me to this day... To the point where I randomly taught myself how to play the theme on piano by memory and sound. (no sheet music) p.s. - got so frustrated at the games then, I never finished them. I tried booting them up since then... I just turn off the system after I listen to that theme.
  12. *insert shlong swinging stickman gif*
  13. I think Vi wouldn't stick to just one job... It'd be a small selection of whatever jobs came to her or what she felt like doing. Bounty Hunter for Hire - A common misconception of this profession is that they just capture/kill for a bounty. This isn't always the case. A hunter for hire can also be an information broker as well. This kind of ties into my next job too, I think. Bard/Performer - I feel like Vi would spend some of her time regaling stories glorifying the achievements of local towns or people. I'm musically creative irl and I like to write simple melodies and such; this would totally be my jam. Bards are also known to be information brokers, stalkers or robbers. Blacksmith/Whitesmith - I just like sharp things and sometimes shiny things. Sometimes both at the same time. I'm also fascinated with the many intricate steps put into a beautiful, functional piece of work. Knight/Guardsman/Gunman/Archer - Female, so chance is a little less likely if we're talking about historical accuracy... But still. C'mon. It'd be Vi.
  14. Oldies but they are fun https://clips.twitch.tv/ObeseTardyNikudonHeyGirl - Nik wasn't quite while police were controlling a scene. https://clips.twitch.tv/BenevolentScaryHerbsPrimeMe https://clips.twitch.tv/PunchyShinyTeaTinyFace - Deep breathing exercises https://clips.twitch.tv/UgliestTentativeSnoodShazBotstix -Trashcan: SEVENTY EIGHT MONTHS?!
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