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Jimbo / L. Kang

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    Jimbo Pump
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    Lee Kang

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  1. Looks awesome! Well done and thanks 😄 @Morgan Freeman
  2. Jimbo / L. Kang

    Lee Kang

    Name: Lee Kang Age: 19 Birthday: 01/01/00 Height: 5'9 Country: China Skills: Best Damn Driver You've ever seen Weakness: Cocaine Habits: Living the fast life; Driving fast cars and doing cocaine Backstory: The youngest Kang family member is Lee Kang. When the Kang’s started being pursued by the other families Lee stepped up for the cause and became a transporter of choice for the Kangs, though his passion truly lies in street racing and drifting, Lee became well known for his transporter skills and soon became one of the most valued members in the Kang Triads. As he decides to start his new life in Los Santos with his brother, uncle and father, it’s been said that he will be the man to go to about anything racing related; legal, or illegal. Big buy ins, little buy ins, tournament racing for huge prizes. He will run it all.
  3. Been around since late 2017 on and off, appreciate all the work you have done/do to build this community. Thanks for the honesty floppy as well as getting us back up and running. You seem like a really genuine dude, cheers.
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