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  1. Carrowin Sol

    God is that you?

    This is a sign. @Holland Stiles But to what I don't know.
  2. Carrowin Sol

    Twitch Clips!!

    SpOoOoOoOkY sCaRy LeGiOn GaRaGe ~~~!! https://streamable.com/7lso4
  3. Carrowin Sol

    You know you want to

    "I'll make it easy for you.! COME ON! JUST. DO. IT."
  4. Carrowin Sol

    Christmas Photo Competition

    Kinda wanted to submit a photo of IRL me and floppy dressed up ????
  5. Carrowin Sol

    Mr. Birthday Barrett

  6. Here's to the one man I'd happily take the punishment from for posting it on the forums! FLOPPY PANCAKES
  7. Carrowin Sol

    WoW Classic

    We figured out a guild name~! < Drunk and Disorderly >
  8. Carrowin Sol

    WoW Classic

    @Dirk Stone We do not! Can't decide on a name.. Just gonna start spamming out charters and invites
  9. Carrowin Sol

    WoW Classic

    Flopps and I both rolled Human Alliance. He's Warrior while I'm Priest. It would be awesome if we got everyone playing on the same server together o:
  10. DAWWWW ! ~ ! ~ ! Just look at this precious baby boi. Good job mom and dad. *squeeee* ◕ ◡ ◕
  11. Dixie: A courtesan who frequently visits the royal chambers, or entertains the high born. She wouldn't look anything special, nor be treated as such, but would play as sort of therapist to the struggles of a nobler livelihood. Dixie would dream of a life closer to the finer things in the era, but every turn would drag her back down to a brothel. That is, until she thought of a more clever approach than the last to wind her way into the courts of the prestige. Carrowin: The owner of an inn most likely. She'd own a spacious manor, passed down from generation to generation, an acres' length fro
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