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  1. Seems to happen when the database stop working(Can't access garages properyl etc.). I also took the train to see if it fixed me being able to access storage, and to no avail. Upon rejoining the MotD that you press enter to get through does not show up.
  2. Traded in the ol' Tacoma for a Lexus ES350.
  3. This pretty much applies to any place that uses this teleport system. I make a point not to "camp" out on a location I know someone has an automatic disadvantage.
  4. I do believe more expensive insurance and repairs should definitely have been a thing, but as I said in chit-chat it's just too much. It is definitely more true to life with costs, but I don't want to drift away from fun in the name of realism.
  5. Not only that, but in every state I've ever been in, it's required by law to be insured.
  6. I completely understand the lack of info on criminal activities such as drugs, guns and the like, and I very much like that, but we are talking about vehicle repairs for basic every day transportation. I just think this isn't the right platform to keep vague on. I will of course be looking in to it this evening when I'm on, however I wanted to voice my opinion on this particular topic and how it is affecting players. This is a sentiment I've heard shared on this very topic from several others. I don't think new players should have to rely on others to be able to afford basic things like repair costs. I'm perfectly fine with them needing to ask others how to do things, but fiscally speaking, it just seems weird to go around asking for money so you can afford to drive your car.
  7. I just don't understand why every new thing needs to be a secret. I understand you are wanting to promote roleplay, but spending $50k+ in repairs until we've had the time to figure it out, right after everyone is having to also re-upgrade their vehicles is just not fun for anyone at this moment. Please also consider a new player coming in to the city, taking the time to figure out how to earn some cash, finally saving up for their first vehicle, buying it, then shortly thereafter having a local cross in to oncoming traffic(as they are VERY known to do). They now have a $7000 repair bill even with a mechanic. They now have to go back out and grind enough money just to be able to drive their own vehicle. I am all for the promotion of roleplay and for jobs that promote said roleplay, but for people to have to "figure it out" is not fun all the time. Especially on something so basic as vehicle repairs.
  8. We call these the ass destroyers.
  9. Ayyyyyy C70 squad unite! I'll probably not but another going chair, but instead a task chair or nice office chair as the gaming chairs don't seem all that comfortable to me anymore.
  10. A buddy has a Project Ozone 3 modpack server running and it's pretty awesome. Has pretty much everything FTB has and runs better imo. Sky Factory 4 could be cool if we could get it set up to where people can start their own islands(which is a feature I believe is built in, but not sure how that works.)
  11. Been meaning to ask this myself. Yes pls.
  12. Here's a nice thread in case you haven't seen it. There are several there that I would guess many people don't know of.
  13. E: Oh shit, I didn't think I'd replied to this yet...
  14. Still happens frequently in my experience... I know people are generally kidding around, but that's how rumors start.
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