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  1. We call these the ass destroyers.
  2. Ayyyyyy C70 squad unite! I'll probably not but another going chair, but instead a task chair or nice office chair as the gaming chairs don't seem all that comfortable to me anymore.
  3. A buddy has a Project Ozone 3 modpack server running and it's pretty awesome. Has pretty much everything FTB has and runs better imo. Sky Factory 4 could be cool if we could get it set up to where people can start their own islands(which is a feature I believe is built in, but not sure how that works.)
  4. E: Oh shit, I didn't think I'd replied to this yet...
  5. Still happens frequently in my experience... I know people are generally kidding around, but that's how rumors start.
  6. Hope I get to see me beating your ass outside pillbox medical in there. ??
  7. Officer Bane's excellent driving lead to this great moment. For reference we crashed somewhere around the intersection near malt fields.
  8. The general public doesn't need to be organized for people to not interfere with other's roleplay situations. It literally takes 2 seconds to go, should I interfere with this serious situation that could ruin it for the others, or should I just move on or watch from afar. Saying it's not possible is just incorrect. It's selfish behavior to want to take away someone else's fun for your own.
  9. I think what she meant by fear is fear the consequences of impeding/interrupting an investigation, not fear the people themselves. And to the point of someone smuggling human organs or drugs, why would that person be running up to an active police situation anyways? You'd think they would want to be as far away from the police as possible.
  10. Paul Gale has really gone down hill as of late.
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