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Ernest Flanagan

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  1. I have been nominated and I accept that nomination.
  2. LEO nominations @Hunter Reglem @Jean Boudreaux EMS nominations @Darcy Reid @Charlotte Paige Criminal nominations @Ricky Rogers @Hans Roulette Legal nominations @Ruby York @James 'Goldy' Coldwater
  3. I too have the virtual reality and could use more randoms from the internet to play games with.
  4. "You're stupid" - @Vitami Gattington 2019
  5. IMO, the service images should really just be in a menu of their own, or in a sidebar item. From a web design standpoint, the current header is visual murder.
  6. I rolled up with some friends on a Normal realm, Old Blanchy horde side if anyones interested.
  7. The goal is monthly and resets monthly, whatever the surplus is from the previous month doesn't roll over into next month because they do things besides "just" server costs with the donations. For instance, they used part of the donations to get us a new building interior (mentioned in another thread) that was behind a paywall.
  8. Wait Susie got promoted? When did this happen :o
  9. Ernest Flanagan

    Lou Pohl

    Name: Lou Pohl Birthday: 05/24/1956 (63) Hometown: Cordele, Georgia Family: Loraine (Hendrix) Pohl, Mother (80), Norman Pohl, Father (Deceased) Backstory: On May 24th, 1956, Lou Pohl is born to his mother Loraine and father Norman in their family home in Cordele, Georgia. Growing up, Lou quickly learned to be the man of the house as his father repeatedly found himself away from home for his job as a traveling salesman. Loraine, his mother was a full-time housewife, she did not work however the family home was always in immaculate condition. As a traveling salesman in the mid-60's, Norman found himself having a hard time getting new clients due to mounting economic pressure from competing companies, as a result the family grew up in severe poverty. Lou was home schooled until the age of 15, at which point his family was able to enroll him into a semi-private school (wanting the best for their only child) after saving up funds since his early childhood. Fast forward a couple years, Lou graduates at the middle of his class, choosing to pursue a career in Broadcast Media, after shadowing at a local radio station as part of his graduation requirements. Lou graduated at the age of 24 with a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Media and began his job search immediately. Coming across a job advertisement for WFAV-FM in Cordele, his hometown, he applied for the only position available - Night DJ. Lou worked in that night position for two years before being promoted to Daytime Production Assistant, offering a substantial pay raise over previous. With his newfound wealth, he began sending regular payments back home to his parents (Norman having found himself recently unemployed). In 1988, WFAV-FM had it's license and call-sign revoked by the FCC, effectively ending Lou's tenure at that station. Within a matter of days, Lou was hired on as Production Manager at WJIZ-FM in Albany, GA. Working as the Production Manager at WJIZ-FM for about 10 years, Lou found himself with the opportunity to take over as Station manager in 1998, a promotion he graciously accepted. Finding himself now making more money than he ever had previously, he paid off all of his parents outstanding debt. After 20 years as Station Manager of WJIZ-FM, Lou retired from the industry, deciding that at the age of 62 he wanted to pursue another career - Law. To be continued ?
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