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  1. I just want to chime in here with my usual 2 cents (lol). As someone who went from just being a developer to a pretty important part of the team, being in charge of the infrastructure, I've been fortunate to now be included as part of the team that is responsible for a lot of the changes moving forward, or at least the ideas formulated before they're sent off to the big dogs for their decisions. We now have it where every person on the team is recognized as staff, everyone can offer input and there is no more "my way or the highway". Total fundamental changes being implemented behind the scenes as well as in the public view. As with anything under new leadership, changes take time to occur and there are obviously going to be mistakes and slipups made along the way, but the team as it exists now definitely appears more welcoming to constructive criticism rather than the previous mentality of "I'm right and they're wrong" that was occasionally apparent. Totally different climate behind the scenes where we're all having fun, discussing fun things to add for people to use/do and ways to move forward and either rebuild or welcome some of our previous community back.
  2. it...it doesn't? i said i use spotify because of free hulu in addition to using youtube lol
  3. Spotify (because free hulu) and YouTube primarily here.
  4. I too have the virtual reality and could use more randoms from the internet to play games with.
  5. "You're stupid" - @Vitami Gattington 2019
  6. IMO, the service images should really just be in a menu of their own, or in a sidebar item. From a web design standpoint, the current header is visual murder.
  7. I rolled up with some friends on a Normal realm, Old Blanchy horde side if anyones interested.
  8. The goal is monthly and resets monthly, whatever the surplus is from the previous month doesn't roll over into next month because they do things besides "just" server costs with the donations. For instance, they used part of the donations to get us a new building interior (mentioned in another thread) that was behind a paywall.
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