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  1. Wait Susie got promoted? When did this happen :o
  2. I had no issues throughout the night, played for about 4 hours or so.
  3. "On the subject of the Fuel Script. Fuel is now fully persistent, meaning that the fuel level in your car will not change when storing and retrieving it.Electric vehicles and the Police Helicopter now expend fuel, and newly purchased vehicles from the dealership will always have a full tank of gas.Our goal here was to remove the element of randomness from fuel in vehicles."
  4. Ernest Flanagan

    Lou Pohl

    Name: Lou Pohl Birthday: 05/24/1956 (63) Hometown: Cordele, Georgia Family: Loraine (Hendrix) Pohl, Mother (80), Norman Pohl, Father (Deceased) Backstory: On May 24th, 1956, Lou Pohl is born to his mother Loraine and father Norman in their family home in Cordele, Georgia. Growing up, Lou quickly learned to be the man of the house as his father repeatedly found himself away from home for his job as a traveling salesman. Loraine, his mother was a full-time housewife, she did not work however the family home was always in immaculate condition. As a traveling salesman in the mid-60's, Norman found himself having a hard time getting new clients due to mounting economic pressure from competing companies, as a result the family grew up in severe poverty. Lou was home schooled until the age of 15, at which point his family was able to enroll him into a semi-private school (wanting the best for their only child) after saving up funds since his early childhood. Fast forward a couple years, Lou graduates at the middle of his class, choosing to pursue a career in Broadcast Media, after shadowing at a local radio station as part of his graduation requirements. Lou graduated at the age of 24 with a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcast Media and began his job search immediately. Coming across a job advertisement for WFAV-FM in Cordele, his hometown, he applied for the only position available - Night DJ. Lou worked in that night position for two years before being promoted to Daytime Production Assistant, offering a substantial pay raise over previous. With his newfound wealth, he began sending regular payments back home to his parents (Norman having found himself recently unemployed). In 1988, WFAV-FM had it's license and call-sign revoked by the FCC, effectively ending Lou's tenure at that station. Within a matter of days, Lou was hired on as Production Manager at WJIZ-FM in Albany, GA. Working as the Production Manager at WJIZ-FM for about 10 years, Lou found himself with the opportunity to take over as Station manager in 1998, a promotion he graciously accepted. Finding himself now making more money than he ever had previously, he paid off all of his parents outstanding debt. After 20 years as Station Manager of WJIZ-FM, Lou retired from the industry, deciding that at the age of 62 he wanted to pursue another career - Law. To be continued 🙂
  5. @Rex Hughes @Jeff Bear
  6. This is...normal?
  7. This is strange, I have a copy of TS3 installed on my work PC, never joined a server once. I was able to install Toko without issue, no crashing, no nothing.
  8. I just installed Toko from the forum download link, TS3 opens fine on my work PC. Do any of you have any other themes or anything installed that might be causing issues?
  9. He linked you directly to the article that has all the information in it, you'll need to join TeamSpeak before you can join the server as you'll need to get "tags" to be able to be automagically moved to the voice channels so you can talk in game. If you don't do that, your screen in game will be black and you won't be able to do anything.
  10. I found Revo one day when BurkeBlack was streaming on here back in March for all of like, an hour. First FiveM RP server and you guys are all stuck with me now. Absolutely enjoy all the friends I've made here, wouldn't have it any other way :)
  11. One would assume that when it says "postponed until further notice" that would likely mean that it will not be happening today. They'll most likely reschedule it for another day and will put up a notice drawing attention to that day.
  12. Maybe as a compromise until storage is working, perhaps nerf the weight of certain legal items (the ones that make sense, not saying someone should have 50 repair kits on them).
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