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Ella Winham

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  1. moments before tragedy occurred... ( @Oliver Hall @Michal Harris @Kai Flippinton )
  2. Some photos from the wedding!
  3. most likely a new microphone and some peripherals!
  4. Pictures from the race today!
  5. Ella Winham

    OC Sheets

    Just a few OC sheets I made for my characters, I found this PSD on tumblr and thought it'd be neat to make~
  6. Got Myself a noble chair, almost find myself sleeping in it sometimes lol
  7. Yeah, I'm gonna put it up @Sean Callanan right now! if no one is on the server it has a timer of 10 minutes, then it'll shutdown again.
  8. Okay so, I've decided to go with Direwolf20 as it has quite a few mods equalling more stuff to do so you won't get bored. Modpack: Direwolf20 Minecraft Version; 1.12.2 I also downloaded a Plugin which makes it so you can claim land, create alliances etc. It was mainly downloaded to stop griefing. so, if anyone is willing to help me test some of the plugins, that'd be greatly appreciated ;w; pls help me either way, the server is technically officially up now so here's the IP rmog.aternos.me
  9. Actually, could somebody check if it’s up & running now? I just put it up. Each time I start the server, it’ll have a timer of around 6 minutes till it goes back down if no one is on; if the only person leaves the server, the timer will be 3 minutes. Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 Modpack: Version 4.8.0 Sky Factory 4 (..pretty sure you can download this on the twitch launcher..) IP: rmog.aternos.me (don’t judge) if maybe two people could check this & see if you get separate islands that’d be great. (Oh also, the server only stays online if there is at least one person on the server) edit: I have changed the Server Version to match the latest Sky Factory 4 Version.
  10. Changed to Modpack to Sky Factory 4, any ideas for any other modpack/s to choose from? If not, I’ll be setting up the server tomorrow & posting the IP :D but before I fall asleep I’ll try & figure out how to build separate islands for each player. Edit: also if anyone knows how to generate islands for individual players & just generally knows how to manage a multiplayer minecraft server, message me; I need help!
  11. Well, I currently have a 32 slot server with Sky Factory 3, who'd be willing to play?
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