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  1. Good sir no need for the hostility. I was simply asking a civil question of why it was rescheduled. Unless you think twice before you post you can kindly leave. Good day
  2. Hello my fellow Roleplayers. I was just wondering why the meeting has been postponed. Ive made time with my intense scheduled of boardgaming to be there and now its all botched frankly. Is there a estimated time for when it shall begin? sincerely Franklin Fish.
  3. I dont have twitch but id love to send you a VHS I made me playing my board games. Be aware though its in 180p :(
  4. Amelia Knightly, What an amazing person. I've not met her personally but the stories I've heard of her are so soothing to me. I wish one day I can meet someone as astonishing or astounding as her. I also hope that I can one day converse with her. She was the best thing this community had and we lost it. Let's Remember her by giving everyone on this post confused faces. If you knew her she would always do that to her close friends and just about anyone. If anyone wants to grieve with me. Message me. ❤️ God Bless. Franklin Fish Out. If Amelia Knightly is seeing this. Please, Amelia, message me. I think we could really hit it off. I would love to see you. You seem perfect. My discord is Digger#0911 or you can Email me at [email protected]
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