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Charlotte Paige

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  1. Darcy did an amazing job making the 4 of us!! @Cara Roulette @Ella Winham @Mindy Rose :3 Absolutely love this!
  2. Casually driving around the city with @Elena Breckon
  3. EMS Life @Ernest Flanagan Photo credit to Clayton Blackmoore ( @Toby Blackmoore)
  4. Charlotte Paige


    I am never going to live this down!!!!
  5. Charlotte Paige


    -_- literally the worst word ever....
  6. Charlotte Paige


    I was eating them the other day when @Kat Sweetser was up at pillbox for the taco truck but i completely forgot to mention that i was eating them to her lol
  7. https://clips.twitch.tv/PatientCorrectMangoDancingBanana
  8. when there are no calls of an extended period of time... @Ernest Flanagan and Adrian ( @Lillith Ravenscroft )
  9. Charlotte Paige


  10. Just a day in the life of an EMS with Adrian Holmes ( @Lillith Ravenscroft ) Mark Jones ( @Leon Jones)
  11. Spreading the Christmas cheer! @Lillith Ravenscroft
  12. You had some black magic stuff going with you, I swear you were in the ambo with me! Lol
  13. Another day, another shift. The life of an EMT in the LSFR. it's never a dull moment. just a casual dance party at Pillbox with @Johnny Kimble, @Rigzby Rollins, @Eevee Lowe This is fine, everything is fine, we are fine, I am fine! Woop Woop that's the sound of EMS! Ambulance Karaoke with your best friend, best part of the shift! @Eevee Lowe
  14. @Rex Hughes and Liam @Paul Owen are conjoined at the hip now
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