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Heads up - The in game Twitter is not for chatting. It's being used the wrong way and needs to stop. Conversations should happen in texts please utilize this feature.

Charlotte Paige

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    Charlotte Paige
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    Nova Price
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    Penelope Ashe

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  1. @Rex Hughes and Liam @Paul Owen are conjoined at the hip now
  2. so this is what happens when the server is down and we have nothing better to do... lol
  3. Just a normal day with @Eevee Lowe and @James Vice
  4. @Eevee Lowe the biker twins! @Rex Hughesthe calm before the storm
  5. Nova vs Taco truck....
  6. Life of Nova ❤️ @Emily Berg @Martin Price @Alisa Fox @Zach Greene
  7. thank you for being so honest Floppy. We all appreciates everything you do for this community!
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