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  1. I joined Revo April 2018 but only play for a few weeks because i was still really new into RP. I watched PMS Proxy and Timmac on twitch a lot to get more of a feel for RP and then i found @Taylor Faye and @Susie Carmichael twitch and started watching them which brought me back to Revo.
  2. I am 25 about to be 26 next month but I have been in Colorado for almost 3 years next month a year after I moved here I met the nerdy @Zach Greene and the rest is history. Born and raised in Virginia Beach i will always be a beach baby at heart. I am one of 4 girls, two on my moms side and two on my biological dads side. Moved around when I was 17 due to my dad being in the army which was nice. I work in a retail store which eh it's a job but I am hoping to be able to work from home soon it will be better for me personally due to a genetic disease I have called Osteogenisisimperfecta its a brittle bone disease. My mother has it but a different form then I have hers is a lot worse than mine. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask me! I am currently working on my bachelors is business with a minor in health information but life happens so that is places on hold for right now. I've been in the community for a year in a half now, my character Nova is a lot like me in many way which is fun to play. There are things about her that I have changed just so we are not exactly alike.
  3. All them Guinea pigs!
  4. Nova vs Taco truck....
  5. Life of Nova ❤️ @Emily Berg @Martin Price @Alisa Fox @Zach Greene
  6. thank you for being so honest Floppy. We all appreciates everything you do for this community!
  7. The smile behind Nova....also the back of the head behind my husband aka Zach... did not want to put a pic of his face without his approval lol
  8. our two piggies Reese and Chipotle, then the doggos Cooper and Hera
  9. baby shark do do do do, baby shark do do do do, baby shark do do do do baby shark!
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