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  1. The fact that yo ubase a gang war solely on the weapons you have / the weapons available says a whole lot in of itself, even if there are gangs at war with one another, hell even taking that aspect away from it all the moment a firearm is drawn 9/10 times the RP scenario dies. although i know that gangs being at odds with one another i would think (and hope) that its not just gona be a gang gang fest 24/7. just because the BM has/ is being adjusted doesn't mean you don't have access to firearms but if finding alternative ways to progress a gang war without using guns are difficult for you then i don't really know what too say.
  2. Tom Ivory


    Thank you for promotion Daddy Warren 😘
  3. As far as i am aware the page we got it from is kaput but i have it on a dropbox link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/aru0qmqd4qvey9m/RSGM v2.5.rar?dl=0
  4. Tom Ivory


    I figured it was just fueled by jealousy
  5. yea, now that there is no more onesync we have gone down to our old limit in terms of people clocked in but again alot of LEO's enjoy their time off duty or playing alternative characters so just because you see them on the TS list does not mean they are all clocked in
  6. I do hope you realise that just because there are 10 cops in a server that doesn't mean all ten are clocked in, right? Besides there are regulations put in place that only let's an x amount of cops clock in at the same time
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