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  1. Paulie grew up in the Bronx of New York City . His father, Vinny Mantovani, was a stand out cop. but, he had a skeleton in the closet Paulie was not aware of until he was well into his teens. Within the underground foundation of the city, Vinny had corrupt dealings with the organized crime families scattered among the city. Paulie always looked up to his father but hated the corruption about him. Eventually the corruption got to his father, and Vinny was eventually just another missing persons on the back of a milk carton. From that day on, Paulie vowed to be a person with immense integrity and due diligence. Paulie went on to law school and became a public defender in New York City hoping to one day become a District Attorney and put all those affiliated with the crime families behind bars. Unfortunately though, things did not work out for him as his life was threatened by his distant relatives known as the Moretti Family. He was told to either face the consequences of his potential acts to upend the organized crime, or to leave NYC and to never return. ...Here is where Paulie’s life in Los Santos begins...
  2. Well that explains a lot Kappa
  3. Northwestern Illinois, a part of the Driftless Area, which is known as a geographical anomaly. The area I live in wasn’t subject to glaciation from the last ice age unlike the surrounding areas of the Midwest. Experiencing where I’m from is like walking back in time, culturally and aesthetically.
  4. Does this apply to the chop shop as well?
  5. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the craziness and enjoy the view that we sometimes take for granted. Need to definitely do this more often.
  6. Francisco "Frankie" Thompson was born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York to a half Polish/half English father named Jack Thompson and Italian mother named Sofia Thompson (Moretti). At a young age, Frankie began committing many petty crimes in order to gain attention and respect from his mother's family who were an Italian organized mafia in NYC. Even though he tried everything he could to rise the ranks at attempts of one day hopefully becoming the Don of his mother's family, he was always repudiated because of his paternal's heritage, and never got to see past Soldato (soldier). With the inability to raise the ranks of his mother's family, Frankie became frustrated and slowly made attempts to cut ties with the family. Eventually, the Moretti Mafia caught up to him and left him severely beaten and in a coma for approximately a month. This led him to moving to Los Santos in hopes of finding better opportunities and a fresh start on a new life. While he has been away in Los Santos, his mother has tried many times to get in contact with him in hopes that he return to NYC. But to Frankie, he is not yet worthy of returning yet to his home city. Frankie is known to still value his old family's rules and customs despite being excommunicated. He also has a short fuse and is unpredictable in regards to showing mercy.
  7. https://www.twitch.tv/gmybearwarrior as Chrissy Sanchez. Kappa. But really, I try my best to watch and support whoever is RP’ing in Revo even if it’s just a simple lurk. If no one is streaming that’s in Revo, typically to get my RP fix I’ll watch Whippy as his Irwin Dundee char.
  8. Idc what char I’m on you stay the hell away from me lol xD
  9. People need to remain patient. Although the current situation is frustrating, it’s not like they’ve thrown their hands up in the air and said “f it”. If it bothers you that much of the current state of the server, go to a different one, take your friends with you, and if you feel like returning to Revo when it’s in that appealing state that we all reminisce about, by all means, come back. You can do whatever you so please, i don’t think anyone is going to hold it against you. I’m not saying don’t add input of criticism, I’m just saying be a little more courteous in how you express/say it. I’m guilty myself of complaining about the current situation. I mean, shoot, just the other day me and a friend had 400 coke on us on our way to sell it and make bank. Guess what? Server crashed, we lost it all. Did I complain about it? You bet I did, who wouldn’t? but why whine about something consistently that you can’t control? Just move on and lick your wounds, it’s not the end of the world. The devs can’t just snap their fingers and say “Eureka! We’ve done it” and bring back complete harmony. If anything I think they need more help from us. To the devs: if you need help, it doesn’t hurt to constantly remind the community that if anyone is interested to apply for dev’ing, do it! It doesn’t hurt to admit you need help or are under manned. And that definitely goes for staff, support, etc. as well. As for what @Billy Sprinkle said, I would say that happens way too often. Yes, many have IRL jobs, they’re just volunteers yada yada yada, but from my POV, and I’m not saying it directed at anyone personally, but in general, I have seen favoritism occur waaaay too frequently in many aspects regarding the server. That is not a bone I’m going to pick at though any further. Have a nice day everyone.
  10. so i used this, did what the instructions told me... and it seemingly did not work for me personally. P.S. bare with me, I'm pretty ignorant.
  11. Thank you, like I told Mitch, I just wanted to be 100% sure so that’s why I asked. Again, thank you.
  12. Just making sure, don’t want any trouble ya know? Every server has their own preference of going about it
  13. What is the proper RP way to ‘leave a voicemail or text message’ to someone while you or the person you’re trying to contact is ‘out of town’?
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