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Dirk Stone

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    Tyler Steele

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  1. You take care of you Thea, that is the most important. Miss you and Tavis tons. Hope things turn out for you guys! 😍
  2. You have a guild going yet @Carrowin Sol? If so what’s the name?
  3. Sweet..Lock is my comfort zone. I’ll try to get one rolled on your server
  4. You playing Alliance or Horde @Floppy Pancakes?
  5. Oh yes....and some old spice and baby powder!!
  6. Might as well throw this one up there...since it will eventually make an appearance . . . .
  7. Norma Jean August Burns Red The Sorrow As I Lay Dying Atreyu BFMV Rob Zombie Black Crows
  8. Great job all! Sorry to see we got hit so hard, but we will bounce back. We always have.
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