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  1. I'm not an admin and I cannot speak for them on rules, but I will say that just because a feature isn't available now, doesn't mean it won't become available again in the future.
  2. New Fuel Boo Boo (he spilled it on the car before refueling)
  3. Is it not fixed? Because we patched today and no one has reported issues. It's even in the patch notes... @Dex Bird
  4. Yes. Fully aware and we've revamped fuel as a result. You'll see it in today's patch (if all goes to plan and irl doesn't get in the way)
  5. That's actually a great thread. it already has MOST of the info in it for the /text commands. A few more will need to be added in this upcoming patch. but thats a huge start.
  6. You cannot turn it off. Best thing to do until we debug the newest version is to not close the dialogue box. Just click away from it and it will go behind all of your other windows and it shouldn't ever prompt you and interrupt you anymore. If you close ts, it will prompt u the one time after you open again, but if you don't click OK or close, it will just sit in the background.
  7. I will work on a list for everyone and post it on the forums somewhere. Might take me a day or so but I'll make sure one gets made.
  8. I am not floppy, but I will answer from the dev team since this is something we control. We will put the ITC courses back. We originally took them out to optimize it, but then other major server issues took precedence and we just overlooked re-enabling the courses. And to clarify, no, they are not "gone forever." I will not give an ETA on when the courses will be back. But we'll try to make it happen soon.
  10. @Killian Dawson another fix was just pushed after reading your comment. Hopefully that fixes it.
  11. Without giving away too much. Let's just say the bug you guys experienced last night with invisible people is part of the storage and housing project. Obviously, it's not quite working as we intended. So we are working on it, just got some major issues to work out before we can talk about release dates and how things will be in server. But we are ACTIVELY working on storage and housing.
  12. Restart your computer and get a fresh download of toko. Also, disable all your anti-virus before installing.
  13. There is, but it would be most beneficial if you found out in game. Whether you drive around and look for places that are selling, or you ask people in game. It's the best way to find things out.
  14. When the black market had all the guns readily available, every gang member could go there and just buy what they wanted provided there was a supply. No RP, just go to a circle and buy it and bam you have a very powerful gun. We tried to shift away from that. You can still get the guns you want, we just hope that the community utilizes RP to do so.
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