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  1. All private garages remain, however their only function is to retrieve vehicles that were put in previously. They do not have storing abilities. Eventually, all private garage circles will be gone. Clothing changing can be allowed for the home base of a gang, and no where else. However, the abuse of the closets that we currently have is concerning, so if we were to give all registered/official gangs a closet in their home base, changes will occur.
  2. Server got a restart, everything should be fine now.
  3. Read the patch notes. Not only did we adjust prices, we introduced insurance. If having insurance + being a mechanic doesn't save you money and bring costs down , then it's an error on the driver's part. Body damage is cheap, engine damage is expensive. The motorcycles are always subject to heavy engine damage right off the bat due to there being an issue with how gtav and fivem register damage right now in our server. It's a known bug and it's still on our list. So if you don't like the repair prices for motorcycles, you should get a cheap car and drive safe.
  4. Right. Which I immediately let you know, that solution is not viable unfortunately.
  5. The reason it is limited to 1 per character is because this is a temporary thing for people wanting storage now and didn't want to wait for the final version. The final storage will be more than you guys could have ever asked for. At least imo it is. This current structure is what we are offering in the short term and there are no plans to change that.
  6. Coding, data basing, exploiting. The same reasons we shut it down in the first place. That's simply putting it. Edit. The community gets 1 storage per character. A 2nd locations means a 2nd storage. It doesn't make sense for u to be able to access the same items from a completely different location.
  7. A 2nd storage location is not an option.
  8. The difference is loading time. While you come through a door with no window, you instantly see someone and they instantly see you. Reaction time is based on who had the upper hand or who pushes buttons faster. However, when you encounter a forced black screen, loading time varies from person to person. So while the aggressor might see you, he'll get his gun up and point it at you and that entire time he's doing that, you'll probably still be in a black screen and have no opportunity to see the person or even RP with them for a bit. All the while the aggressor is just standing there waiting for you to be able to see him.
  9. it is the unfortunate side effect as every single car that was reverted back is damaged to begin with by default. [EDIT 2154cst] What I just said above has been rectified. Everyone's cars were restored to full health following the color swap
  10. Needless to say, we understand that the pricing is not popular. We are reviewing the pricing.
  11. You will get insurance soon. We are revamping it too. We made the decision to release the car stuff first. Then insurance next. We realize it's not a popular decision, but there's just so much on our plate and we were really excited to present to you guys a system that made professions worthwhile and meaningful. Especially after a suggestion post was made about it. Insurance is not easy to code. Even trying to fix the broken system is proving to be a challenge, but we wanted to give you guys something big and new to start with. We see many of you don't like it. We could have waited to roll it all out at once, but we'd like to see how this new system worn for people before deciding how insurance will play into everything. Before it cost 65$ and u got to repair for at min 200$. Yes people liked that, but it's not insurance by any means. Charging a tax is an idea, but coding that in takes time. We'll continue to accept ideas for adjustments and changes.
  12. Well. There are people in game who know exactly what to do. It's basically a soft whitelist. So it's not a massive secret. And apparently a few people have already figured it out on their own and have already begun to spread the good fortune. I would implore them to get others involved, spread the word, help each other out. Telling everyone the answer right up front would mean a massive rush to do it that way and avoid the RP because it's "quicker." or the usual issue people seem to have "I can't find anyone to RP with." We told people that guns were craftable the day it was introduced. Then all of a sudden everyone in server was a master weapons craftsman. It made the idea of arms dealing and having a monopoly on specially crafted weapons moot. Letting people know it existed destroyed all RP that the crims intended to get into with that line of work and we didn't even tell them how, just it existed. So while we do understand all of your concerns, especially for those that are new and make a a little money just to have it all disappear for a small scratch, its rough. But, they can look around for a cheaper shop. Or, ask around. They may not have friends because they are new, but it doesn't mean they have to suffer the repair costs alone. We do have good Samaritans in the city. Being a new player is hard. Especially if it's your first time Rping. But we hope that the veterans of this community will help make it easier for the new players. Bring them in, show them the ropes. As with every new system we introduce, everyone will need to get used to it. Many will still hate this system weeks later, and others will love it. Once people figure the ins and outs of this, suggestions on the forums are welcome. And if one does make a suggestion, please remember to keep it in good taste. All suggestions are looked at and considered, especially ones that lay out the bad, then suggest a change to make it better.
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