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Jasmine Kali

Head Developer
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  1. Jasmine Kali


    Changed status to Closed
  2. I'm guessing this is who everyone kept describing as looking like "sloth from the Goonies movie"? 🤣🤣
  3. LEO are a true family...😂
  4. Always wear a helmet! Or just don't let @Hans Roulette come looking for you...
  5. @Ainsley Childers wakes up with amnesia and still thinks he's EMS and not a cop. But he has the dispatch phone and ends up answering it...
  6. @Carrowin Sol please don't gyp us of quality content. Submit >>HERE<<!!! No money for it, but we'd definitely appreciate it 😁😂
  7. Chief Warren isn't too keen on Ms. Quinoa's Doughnut Tuesday idea...
  8. When the Chief of Police makes you pull over the Head Trooper...
  9. Jasmine Kali


    @Rex Hughes and @Kyle Davis is this still an issue for you?
  10. Jasmine Kali


    Changed developer to Sean Callanan Changed status to Closed
  11. Moody is bald, for those who don't know him.
  12. New Fuel Boo Boo (he spilled it on the car before refueling)
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