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  1. Hello everyone, As we continue to rebuild the community, we'd like to have our players (new and old), have an opportunity to have a voice. This will be everyone's opportunity to talk about what they like about the server, as well as talk about things they dislike or would like to see changed. The community meeting will be on August 2, 2020 at 12 noon CDT If you have questions that you'd like brought up in the meeting, you may fill out this form: Community Questions Form The questions will remain anonymous to the public, so don't be afraid to speak up on the form.
  2. Courtesy of @Althea Castillo Some people haven't quite got their load in outfits corrected yet... 🤣
  3. The staff at Revolution RP wanted to share the expenses with the community to allow for more transparency. Therefore, we will be posting monthly screen shots of the previous month's finances. _______________________________________________________________________________________ May 2020 Finances _______________________________________________________________________________________ June 2020 Finances _______________________________________________________________________________________ July 2020 Finances
  4. So, there is a clothing store on Innocence and Elgin Ave near a carwash. You'll be able to "buy" clothes there.
  5. Click on your character name at the top right of the page Look for "Account Settings" in the drop down menu Then look on the left hand side for the "Discord" button Then click "Log into Discord," authorize on the next page, and things will be connected. We're working on a feature to get the forums to sync tags to discord, so linking that will help once we finish the sync process. Open a ticket in discord if you have any issues.
  6. Instructions for connecting patreon: **Anyone that subbed to patreon PRIOR to this announcement will need to double check they are subbed to the correct one.** To sub to Revolution Life patreon at your Tier choice >> HERE<< Tier 1 = $5 Tier 2 = $10 Tier 3 = $20 Make sure your discord is connected to patreon (there will be instruction on patreon) If it's not connected, you won't get the roles assigned To connect the forums to patreon, go to the top of your screen and click on the drop down by your Character Name On the next page, you'll see a button to connect to Patreon Once connected, it will say "Your Patreon account is connected" DO NOT BE ALARMED if it says "You're not supporting our campaign yet..." as money is drawn on the 1st of every month, so once the payment is drawn, that status will update. You must complete these steps in order for TeamSpeak to update your tag automatically. Contact staff if you have any issues or questions. Claiming Perks: Go to discord and open a support ticket Let support know what perk you are claiming Example: You are level 2 patreon and would like to claim 1 custom license plate. Provide the current plate number, and the custom number you wish to change to. Number formats must match our current format in REVO - 2 Numbers, 3 Letters, 3 Numbers: (00REV000) We will let you know once the request has been completed. If you missed seeing a response but the ticket was closed, that means it's been completed.
  7. **UPDATE 07 JUN 2020** Whitelisting apps are now live. You may go >>HERE<< to read the requirements and fill out an application. If you previously filled out an application, review it and ensure that it still meets the criteria set out in the application section. Contact support or open a ticket in discord if you have any questions.
  8. Dear Revolution Life Community, Now that it's been a little over a month since we changed community ownership and staff leadership, we wanted to give everyone a brief update. Tl:dr Server donation goal lowered to $120/mo. Donate >>HERE<< Finishing the housing project, but not before some huge changes Official gang perks coming in after housing Whitelist will soon be reopened and will start the process of building a whitelisted community CoL changes QoL adjustments and major bug fixes Just as before, the community is funded by donations, and while previously we aimed to stay true to our "gaming community" roots, we've elected to cut out the fluff and just focus solely on GTA5 RP for the time being. This means server costs are significantly lower as we are now only paying for what's necessary for GTA5 RP. We're currently only needing $120/mo to continue operating, so if you are willing to contribute, every little bit will be appreciated. Patron is still a thing and there are perks associated with it too. If you're interested in donating, that can be done >>HERE<< and you'll be able to choose how you want to contribute. We are coming to the end of the housing project soon. We have more motels to release in the city and some spots in sandy that will be up for sale. We do have a huge change to how housing works in our pockets, but I can't make a promise on the launch date, as it's a huge feature and we can't guarantee when it will be ready. It is at the tail end of coding though, so hopefully sooner rather than later. Next we'll be focusing on ensuring that our registered gangs have easier access to acquire the products/items that they are most focused on. In order to become eligible, a registered gang will apply for the item or product they wish to control (as per their official gang page). If approved, they will then be able to acquire the product or item much easier than others to enable their ability to be the controllers of that item or product. There will be a lot more that goes into this, such as other gangs and non gangs vying for competition entering the market, etc. But that's the gist of the ideas upcoming to ensure that our registered gangs have a purpose in the long run. Our whitelist has been open for over a year now, however poor management and lack of communication caused it to not have a successful run. Therefore, we decided to reevaluate the entire system and will soon be relaunching the application process. There will be a separate post about how to apply for whitelist and what whitelist actually does for a person, so stay tuned for that. As for DoJ, changes to the CoL and other DoJ related matters will be incoming. The CoL has always dictated the license point system, which serves as a handbook for LEO when applying points to all licenses. Many of you spoke up about how harsh the point system is, with virtually no ability to get points removed in a timely or efficient manner. We must remember that if your character commits a violent crime using a handgun, that cannot be taken lightly. However, due to the complaints we've received against the current system, we've decided to make some changes that we believe will make it less tedious for someone to apply to get their points removed, but also ensure the system still punishes violent offenders. The DoJ will announce the changes when they have everything finalized. As many of you have noticed, there have been A LOT of quality of life (QoL) changes that have been taking place, as well as come major bug fixes that have been lingering for upwards of a year. Our amazing devs have done a lot to ensure that going forward, we no longer have to suffer with these nuisances, and anything new that comes up, they have been pretty quick to solve. There are some things that we just haven't figured out yet, or some issues that are going to take more time, but we hope for now, you all will be able to continue to play with little to no issues going forward. We thank all of you have have stuck around with us during these lower population points, as well as welcome all of the new players we've gotten. We hope to continue to make changes to benefit the community and continue to grow as we continue on this rebuilding journey. Sincerely, Revolution Life Staff
  9. Thank you to everyone who showed up. We're sorry there were a lot of FiveM issues that came up at the time we were trying to hold the event, but we're so thankful to everyone for sticking it out. We hope to have more events with more exclusive cars in the future. As we continue to plan and run events, we'll have better ideas and hopefully have a lot more to offer the participants. Thanks again everyone!
  10. Hello everyone, A lot has changed over the last month. As many of you already know, we've undergone a ownership and leadership change. What does this mean for the community? Here is a TL:DR: Rules are being re-evaluated and re-written (again) Even with the massive changes, we intend to ensure REVO still feels like home for everyone Development will continue. The team is small, but we will keep bringing content We will be re-instating housing on May 19, 2020 Businesses will soon follow Discord has been re-vamped. Visit discord.io/rmog and read the welcome page to ensure you get the latest updates The long version: We will be re-evaluating the rules (yet again) and looking to see where adjustments can be made. Gang Rules & Guidelines are also being re-evaluated and will be handled more swiftly going forward. Staff has traditionally been "slow" to respond to things or lacking in communication, we aim to change that going forward for all areas that require staff intervention. We fully intend to keep the same "REVO" feel that the community has always had. Though we will be undergoing changes in many areas, we aim to still make this place feel like the home you've always known. Development has never ceased and will continue. In fact, I'd like to use this platform to announce that we will be re-instating housing in 1 week (May 19, 2020). Conditions are as follows: Housing will be 1 property (house, apt, hotel) per character. Each property will have 1 storage box. We are still determining how ownership of the box will play out or if it will be just open storage for anyone in the house to access. Motels and apartments will have smaller storage capacity. No changes will occur for the public storages. We are still considering changing the system to stacking items instead of a per item /block capacity, or possibly by weight, but changing things up will take time to ensure 0 items are lost. You must maintain activity on the server to keep your property. Activity checks will be done and if it is determined a player hasn't played in a significant amount of time, the property will be put back on the market. Many of the previous bugs that annoyed players have been fixed. Any keys given to friends will last through resets. You will have to revoke the key manually if you don't want that person having access to your property. Transferring property to another individual updates immediately (keys will need to be re-issued by the new owner). Back-end optimizations for more efficient DB logging. All property prices will be re-evaluated and adjusted to fit current economy. We will be adding lower-end housing for those that play lower-income/lower-wealth characters. The purpose of us announcing housing ahead of time is for us to have time to finish details, plus time for anyone wanting housing to log in and earn money to be able to afford housing. Price brackets will be announced soon, once the re-eval is completed and prices are set. Business will follow soon after housing is released: Businesses will be limited to general stores and gas stations to start. 1 general store and 1 gas station per character. You'll most likely need to pay to keep the business (mechanically log in and pay "rent"). Failure to do so would result in the business going back up for sale Larger businesses like car dealerships and clubs will not be mechanically for sale. Other details of businesses will come once we are close to releasing it. Discord has been revamped. We hope to be able to help people quickly using this platform and utilize the forums for areas Discord isn't the best at.
  11. Hello everyone! With all the new clothing in server, we'd like to host a fashion competition. There will be several categories to join, you can even join multiple categories! Date: May 16th, 2020 (Saturday) Time: 3pm cdt (1hr after restart) Location: Legion Cafe (corner of Vespucci Blvd. & Elgin Ave.) Categories: Best Beach Outfit (male & female) Best Work Out Outfit (male & female) Best Character Cosplay (male & female) Best 20's look (male & female) Best movie star look (male & female) Wildest Outfit (male & female) Best couple/duo outfit (duo combined) Prizes: Prizes will be issued to male and female winners in each category Exception is the couple/duo category, where participants can be any gender to enter as a couple/duo Prize pool includes cash, gold bars, gold and silver rings, and 2 brand new exclusive cars. You can only win once per category, exception being couple/duo category If 1 member of the couple/duo previously won for their gender in a different category, it does NOT exclude them from this category AFTER-PARTY AT BAHAMA MAMAS!!
  12. Playing a crim was definitely interesting.... (ignore the sheriff banner, i wasn't live streaming lol)
  13. I realize I left out 1 thing. ESX code IS possible, but there is a conversion process to go through before it can be used in our sever. The skills and knowledge to do that are limited, but we're working hard to learn it and be able to do it so that we can have the more fancy things that ESX provides. However, most of the time it's simply quicker to write our own.
  14. We do have a trello, but we rely on the forums for public information. Anything that's suggested gets looked at every single day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day on the same suggestion over and over. If there isn't a comment, there hasn't been a discussion or reason to comment. If it's on hold, it's typically because its low priority, or we're still trying to figure out the coding to make it a thing. Many times, I've released sneak peeks of things that I think people will enjoy, but if it's not something related to housing, businesses, putting people in cars or any of the other hot topics, people usually scoff at the post. It was our way of saying, hey, we've got some neat stuff. A lot of those fun features are things we worked on while taking a break from the big projects. As floppy stated, his mechanic and business code is extensive, sometimes you just gotta stop and do something else. Maybe inspiration for something else will hit and it's a very simple thing. The 1 or 2 day break working on the other fun thing, can be a welcome break from the really hard stuff. I'll discuss maybe having a public view trello, but for now, we're still gonna do our best to relay info and so dev updates through the forums. Without removing those cars, we were not able to get past 50 players. We did have over 55 one day when we increased it in the middle of RP randomly (we did announce it too). Suddenly after the 55th person joined, we had a MASSIVE influx of reports from people in game saying their textures were popping in and out, they couldn't see the floor, etc. That's when we knew, if we wanted to have the capability of 64, the cars had to go. Yes, population is low now, but for the time when we were up there, we had record stability after the import cars were removed. You're in the discord, any questions you have can be asked there. If we haven't communicated anything new in the channel, it's because there isn't anything new to communicate. Even though a lot of people are at home because of this COVID-19 debacle, many are playing other games or just doing family things. Don't be afraid to ask questions in the discord. LEO got new cars (handling is being tweaked constantly but they are not up to par with civilian cars by any means) LEO can see into you bag and drag and drop things That's all LEO got recently. The community got: Black market changing over to be dual currency (which included a new tool) Food delivery service job A lot of new interiors Putting people in cars General bug fixes (both ones we created after an update and old ones that just took us a while) Many other optimizations that benefited the whole server, not just one group of people. Most of the suggestions that are outstanding right now are criminal, civilian, or quality of life related. I see one suggestion that would benefit only cops, and it wasn't even suggested by a cop. Even the accepted/completed suggestions are majorly civilian/criminal focused. I'm sorry that you feel like LEO are overpowered, but this is sadly not the case. Cops cannot search you for no reason. The Code of Law, available >>HERE<< outlines what can and cannot be done. This is in game information and if you have been searched unfairly, or believe you have been, you can take RP steps to file a complaint and get it resolved. Cops are taught to give time and fines off, so I'm not sure what you've experienced, but MOST cops I know are always giving time off, even when someone just shot their co-worker. Many of these features DO exist, perhaps you haven't found out how to do them? Yes, zip ties are broken, but after your suggestion I put it at the top of my bug fix list. I've actually made a really big deal about testing it the last 2 nights, even up to 5am one night. I'm just stumped at this time on solving that issue. You can rob people AND stores, you can transfer money to players (yes, you gotta be standing next to them), but soon we'd like to roll out a digital currency where you can transfer to people through your phone. Which, yes, we're also trying to re-vamp. We do NOT use ESX, so we cannot just drag and drop like every other server. Converting to ESX is out of the question, mostly because it's not even a better coding system, it's just easy. That is a topic for staff. We historically have struggled with numbers in LEO. What we need is good, clean cops at this time. Having corruption is fun, yes, but if everyone wants to be corrupt because it's fun, then we'll just get ourselves into trouble with the community because our guidelines are strict on what is and isn't punishable. Are you talking about on discord? Because we have a fully active development section on the forums. It even has all of the patch notes and blogs about development (with a roadmap that is ever changing). If the forums aren't enough, we can see about mirroring that on discord too. We do. I know to everyone it doesn't seem like it, but we do listen. We've been bit in the ass before by just giving and giving, so now we're trying to give properly so the things we do implement don't ruin RP or any one group or groups. There's always multiple sides to making a decision on suggestions. What seems easy to many (just do it, what can go wrong?), we can tell you exactly what can go wrong, how, and sometimes even why. Past experiences do shape our thoughts, but we still listen to people when they constructively and respectfully counter our arguments with fact and truth. As I stated a little higher up in this, not possible. We'd have to re-do the ENTIRE server and shut down for a long time. There was a suggestion to do a "revo restart," wipe the code, start over. It's just not something we're willing to do in order to be able to use the poorly made pre-made stuff out there. ESX is widely available, but it's not great code at all. It's not something that's worth giving up 3+ years for. Things that aren't ESX based though, we do try to use. Some of them take minimal conversion effort, others take an extreme amount, but they still save us time, so we don't let that go to waste.
  15. My suggestion based on Floppy's response. Get together with people in the flight program to write up a proposal and submit it to staff. If staff has not come up with something already, then perhaps you can help get them started. Already a thing. I put out the patch notes for everyone so they know when something they've been wanting has finally become a thing. However, I don't appreciate when people read the patch notes and use that information immediately in game, without learning it organically. Sure, some things are "common sense" and "we should have always been able to do this" however, there's a huge difference between utilizing a feature immediately, and waiting until the RP situation calls for it. For example, say we put a new interior in Paleto hospital. Instead of making a beeline up there to look at it, wait until the RP takes you to the area, whether by chance or because you end up needing a hospital trip and you're closest to Paleto. Just because you are aware of a feature/mechanic being implemented, doesn't mean you need to use the knowledge of it ASAP. Let your discovery come organically. As Floppy said, already being done, and still ongoing. Instead of squeezing the server dry of high powered weapons, we're doing this slowly. Anytime we make a change to a feature that changes the balance, half of the community will say "that was completely unnecessary, they would do this" and the other half will say "it's about god damn time." We'll never please everyone with the decisions we make, but we're doing our best to make decisions based on the suggestions that are put out on the forums. Development is influenced by the community. The staff and owner, along with devs all discuss what the community is saying and doing, both on the forums, in voice channels, and in server. The decisions that are made take into account all of those factors. If the owner decides he wants to do something that other's aren't on board with, that's his right, however, the majority of the time, everyone discusses it and we make a collective decision and sometimes we just have to agree to disagree. Sometimes what the community says they want differ from the actions. For example, I told the community that we intended on bringing housing back this year as the first major project. However, after a month or so of trying to make that happen, we saw that everyone was kicking up the leasing/ownership of businesses (Benny's, VU, etc). That IG shift and how the RP was unfolding, influenced us to push housing aside and put business mechanics first. Yes, I'm sure everyone would be happy with being able to own businesses through the forums in the mean time, but the decision was made to focus our heart and soul on the mechanics of it and release something massive and complete. The actions of the community influenced that shift, not staff. We're doing our best to find people who abuse mechanics or break the rules, but we can only do and see so much. I've said this before and was met with a bit of sarcasm, but it's not that simple to find the abusers and remove them. We're constantly told "PD is abusing x" "crims are abusing y." It's at least something to know that we need to keep an eye out, but we can't punish anyone with that kind of information. Proof is also another issue, without proof, it's hard for them to take action. I'm not speaking for them on that matter, just stating that if things don't turn out the way you want, most of the time it's due to lack of proof. Don't be afraid to ask them why. Who (name/charid) What (what feature/what did they do) Where (where did you see this, in server or through a stream?) -- That is critical information for staff When (time/date) Proof (video is best. Send them anything and everything you have to support your claim) Those are the things staff needs to know in order to even attempt to investigate or take any action. Does this mean that we're not gonna give you guys a feature you want? No. Everything is subject to discussion and we will always remind the community that it's your duty to report anyone who breaks the rules or abuses a mechanic/feature. Help catch those who are ruining that feature for everyone so we can keep it.
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