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  1. I mean for Sloth specifically I use a decently mild voice changer, then I create the raspy voice with my own vocal cords.
  2. I second this. Playing Sloth has been kind of annoying at times because people can't seem to hear him. He has a raspy voice and gets talked over a lot.
  3. Yeah I noticed there were a few things that didn't match up though, one was "8 people in a gang" on the application form, then on the rules it says "12 people in a gang, 8 people doing crime"
  4. I was looking over the gang section and noticed that some of the things contradicted. I think we might need an updated listing for the rules as well since we can't rob the jewelry store can't be robbed anymore. Unless however the section that reads "Jewelry doesn't require 8 but you just can not use more than 8" Means making jewelry, in which case I ask why? I could have 20 people doing rings if I wasn't in a gang? That's just one example of some things that might need a look over.
  5. I actually didn't Yeet, I just accidentally pressed my button, but... I will take it as it probably sounded like Yeet lol
  6. Might have missed something here but why can a shuttlebus carry 700lbs but a mule can only carry 600? Wouldn't the mule be able to carry at least 4 times as much as say a minivan? although I do appreciate the ATV's that had 150lbs getting dropped to 10 lol
  7. Tried them, Didn't stick.
  9. Nah getting hit in the the throat/chin are where it hurts more 😉
  10. Jeff Bear

    Bud Roller

    Bud Roller
  11. Face behind Derek Bear. In the group pic I am the one to the far right in case it wasn't obvious. Also Paintball is fun.. don't @ me.
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