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  1. Nope repeating what he said was what got you into more trouble.
  2. https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/rules/ All I will say is please read over the rules, in particular the general rule number 8.
  3. -The Repair costs I think for the most part are in the right ballpark but I think some of the cheaper cars/newer players are getting the (forgive my language) "shit end of the stick.". Even myself I have almost paid 10% of the total cost of my motorbike in the 3 days I have owned it in repair bills, none of which were actual damage to the bike. I get off it, walk 10 feet come back and the bike is smoking with no physical damage on the bike. I think it needs some tweaking but I am quite happy with the fact that my more expensive vehicles are costing more. It feels more realistic -For the Key Card Abuse, and I know there would probably be backlash but since police tools were made to implement RP and it's not anymore. It's promoting Rob-Play, constant robbing or even better shooting down cops then robbing them which in reality makes sense but it seems in pretty poor taste. My suggestion would be to remove the tools altogether. Make them alt-menu things. Force people who want the tools the PD has to have to kidnap a PD member. Higher the stakes, less grave-robbing.
  4. I actually didn't Yeet, I just accidentally pressed my button, but... I will take it as it probably sounded like Yeet lol
  6. Jeff Bear

    Bud Roller

    Bud Roller
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