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  1. I role played on shitty servers. Where admins literally abused everything for a couple months off and on. I got annoyed with it and started to look for a decent sever to play and that’s when my friend @Shem Coselli recommend the server around of March. Since then I’ve been enjoying it and have met some great new friends ^.^
  2. Rex Hughes

    Greed's clips

    Place where i'll post Greed's clips.
  3. This is why I use different voices usually for most of my characters each one has a different style or pitch. But, yes please ask the persons name before assuming who they are 😛
  4. Okay, for awhile I’ve been wanting to post on this thread but in all honesty I can’t figure out who Rex would be! On a flip note dusty is it.
  5. Rex Hughes

    Dusty The Clown

    Well, This thread will just be about dusty and his crazyness XD
  6. Birth Name: Tommy Salami Date of birth: Born in State: Oregon Sex: Male Height (Current): 5'11 Tommy salami was 11 when his parents left him on a corner to go to the store. Couple years later Tommy had to do some not legal stuff to make money and a living. He's currently 17 and made it to LS to better his life. He's also hoping to find his parents again and make closure but at the some time he doesn't want to see them and get adopted.
  7. Rex Hughes

    Rex Hughes

    Birth Name: Rex Hughes Date of birth: Born in State: Oregon Sex: Male Height (Current): 5'11 Rex was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He comes from an middle class family. Rex has a two brothers and a sister. He's also a softy and emotional person. Rex grew up knowing he had to be kind to everyone and try his hardest to get everyone's approval on everything. He's not a quiet person but is a super talkative person and super friendly. If he starts talking, well...Good luck on getting him to shut up. Rex Has always dreamed of helping and saving people since he was a young little lad. He hopes one day he would be ems and guess what he achieved it and is now wanting to become paramedic +fto.
  8. Even if mike does that im pretty sure if some developers streamed there coding or anything a lot of us would donate. I know i would.
  9. ----- I care about the community and just want to see it be better. I think we all want better communication.
  10. Congratulations you guys! You all deserve it ^-^
  11. Pride month ❤️
  12. ❤️ Oregon ❤️ west coast is best coast. Can say that with pride since I’ve been to the east coast 🙂
  13. I like the car but I have driven in the snow and hate it. It snowed an inch and had barely any control.. I literally did a spin out in the middle of the intersection and slowed down and couldn’t stop fast enough and ran through a stop sign.. but that might because I need new tires and didn’t have chains on it. But other then that I’ve had no issues with my car actually just got the head gasket fixed but my car has had only two owners prior to me and had only 112k miles on it.
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