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  1. It seems people keep getting the wrong information about how things are handled around here... I don't know if you guys are noticing how often heating discussions / attacks are happening. It seems to be happening at least once a month, and it always inverts to people feeling like they can't say something or just not being heard. Ever since January you can notice the difference of the community specially since on forums since the idea of "community reps" being introduced. We really haven't had a real community meeting or discussion on what's happening behind the scenes from departs / staff (developers as well). I personally know their's a lot of projects going around but others don't know or hear about it... which is very misleading. Solutions that might help is bring back monthly community meetings or make a post about what's being talked about! Allow a google doc that allows people to ask questions directed towards either the departments/staff/or anyone and allowing them to be completely anonymous. Anyways I love you guys, Stay float of water and groovy ^-^ ❤️
  2. oh...sorry... it's past my bedtime... LOL. Been going to bed/gearing up at 5pm now... and waking up at 3am ????
  3. BRO i didddn't realize they gave youtube prim... nao... #gettingscammed
  5. I for sure have notice an increase but have also noticed a lot of them are depressed as heck and will just stand and stare at objects all storm and its creepy.
  6. I wouldn’t bother recording stuff that way. If you are wanting to record stuff I would just use obs studio and it’s completely free and will allow you to select only fiveM etc
  7. i hate that game... but also a legend... ?
  8. Rex Hughes

    Eli Faye

    Name: Eli Faye Born: June 19th, 1996. Akron, Ohio. Description of him: Brown Hair, Facial Hair, Blue eyes, Fit Occupation: Wanting to join the Da’s office Relationship Status: Single Family: His sister Taylor Eli lived a normal life with his family. They had dinners together every night and was just a happy family. It was similar to your basic good Christian family’s that went to church on Sunday’s. But then his sister graduated high school and moved out, which changed the environment at home for him, due to the fact he looked up and respected his sister. He stayed in contact with her and told her that he wanted to be a lawyer while he was in high school. She was happy and respected his choice due to her going to college for criminal justice. Eli was almost done with law school and all of sudden his sister disappeared without saying a word to him or the family. It was as if she fell off the face of the planet. It encouraged Eli to finish law school and talk to some law firms to figure out where his sister could possibly be due to him wanting to go into the da office. He found the location of his sister and decided move to Los Santos, California due to hearing sightings of her there. During the move his mom and dad and couple of others were questioning while he was moving to Los Santos, California and Eli told them it was because there were more job opportunities in California Vs. Ohio. He also didn’t tell his family he possible found the location of Taylor. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Timeline: 1996: Born 2014: Graduated Hs 2018: Graduated Law School Recently: Moved to Los santos -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “A good lawyer knows the law; A clever one takes the judge to lunch.”
  9. Birth Name: Lars Stone Date of birth: 1996 - June Born in State: California Sex: Male Height (Current): 5'10
  10. For the record, the girls and Rex. ??
  11. Rex Hughes


    yes, it still happens if window settings are small... Because i hate playing full screen and prefer windowed. But literally have to play almost full screen to see full inventory which is annoying but its whatever ? @Jasmine Kali
  12. Rex Hughes

    Greed's clips

    Place where i'll post Greed's clips.
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