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  1. Fucked up Christmas Ghetto Santa Sled
  2. @Vitami Gattington @Tom Ivory Clip
  3. Pretty accurate recording of Legion Square activities ? ?
  4. Frustrated a bit by how things are on the server I want to share a story with you. This is not meant to bash the devs or to call anyone out but rather to draw attention to some things. So today, just recently actually I got held up at the gunpoint and robbed up in Sandy shores near convenience store. Nothing new there, nothing bizarre, whole robbery was done within rules and even with respect which I will come to back later. So what is the problem here? Its early for US playerbase so server is basically still empty. As far as I know there no LEO clocked in or they could not respond to a 911 call for more then half an hour. With the Onesync in place hunting places have been properly damaged, animals are not spawning, for example chickens are impossible to find, boars, deer and a lot of other animals don't spawn at all or randomly 1-2 times within the hour. Hunting has become tedious and a game of farming. That said I have spent last 2 days including 3 - 4 other people helping me out hunting, gathering needed variety of meat and to prepare it, calculating who will have what on him and who will be able to be online when it is needed. It is not needed to sell to locals but for the organized dinner party at my restaurant. Expected guest can be up to 20 people so that is quite a lot of food that I have to have prepared on hand and then some more in case I decide to open up earlier or not close instantly after dinner is over. There is no storage unit. So I have to play a mule game between myself and a car. When held at gunpoint I had a lot of the meat products in my vehicle since I do need to drink and eat and I wanted to buy a repair kit which also takes a lot of space. If at that point robbers decided to steal my vehicle which is completely in their RP right or steal the meat for profit following would happen; Not considering the monetary damage, time invested over 2 days to gather all of that, trying to organize people etc. RP for the whole restaurant situation that includes me and my employees would fall into water as well as RP scenarios for all the guests that will attend the dinner and especially for Maxine Hawkins who is trying to juggle the timing between about 40 people across different time zones to make all this happen, the birthday party for her boyfriend. I would just have to be ... well I lost most of it, I have no time left to acquire new goods, I'm sorry, the whole thing is off to both her and other people. All of that RP down the drain over a simple stick-up. Why am I saying this? Because when storage is mentioned everyone instantly jumps to conclusion that people want it so bad to store the drugs and sell it when no units are clocked in. No one is thinking about situations like this and how much damage it is making to the legal businesses. I have to spend 2-3 hours hunting and preparing every time when I plan to open up. I have to buy a new set for fishing that costs more then 3.5k in total if I want to serve fish. I have to limit my menu because I don't have enough space on me and due to constant crashes especially with onesync now being active all the time I am afraid to leave anything in my vehicle. There for most of the time I am FORCED to stay closed because by the time I have everything to open up I am completely drained or I have other obligations. I know plenty of other people out there that have same issue and they do not intend to use it for exploiting when police is not on. And even for people who do plan to do so with the amount of money we lose due to rollbacks, crashes, bugs, losing cars, upgrades, random damages to the cars by locals etc... I say what is the damage? So what if people are able to make some of the money back in the off hours? Its like taking away paycheck for police when no one is doing crime. And I know plenty of people who (to be fair do spend TONS of time on server and playing) have millions. So why should people who play criminal characters have the same chance then. In any case, that beside the point I am saying that due to so long of postponing of storage units TONS of RP is suffering and honestly I am at the point where I don't even feel like going through the grind. If I had storage I could dedicate a day or two to the hunting and have the place open for the next week for most of the time when I am on server. This way if robbers didn't get the hint or didn't care when I said "Guys I really need that meat" the damage to the following hours and hours of RP could have gone down the drain. Just because they wanted a car for example. Not their fault that I don't have a place to store my things till I need them.
  5. @Maya Janssen You said something about not having proof of it? ? ? 2:1 !!!
  6. I'm Batman Clip 2 - EMS vs Kitty Cat slap
  7. Its fine though, nothing wrong with EMS having some fun ? Few can resist Sasha's sexy call ?
  8. Yeah I do. Not every day but I do in general. xD
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