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  1. Hey there. 23, living in sky-high Colorado, but my story begins in Georgia. Joined the good ol' U.S. Army right out of high school and haven't really looked back. Specialized in Radio comms and IT support, but in the army it's always soldier first, job second. 1 deployment so far, but as alluded to in a previous post: it did not go well for me because even though I made it through physically ok, others didnt. Immediately following that deployment, I got stationed here in Colorado and met the beautiful (and short) Noodle ( @Nova Taylor). I finished up my day-to-day career in the Army and went to do IT in the private sector for a bit. Got fed up working a helpdesk for entitled civilians and put out a different resume geared towards DOD/Federal Contracting and landed my current job as a Systems Engineer. Goal is to get land, build a house, and own all of the Guinea pigs, dogs, rabbits, miniature horses, and pigs (list compiled by @Nova Taylor)
  2. I think that staff are doing what they can, given the communities recent circumstances. We've all taken a hard hit, and we're all waiting for the same things (storage, housing, businesses, etc.) I understand that its frustrating, but I try to make the best out of it for myself, and others. Maybe a bit of transparency would help a lot here because it certainly feels like more work is done than is easily visible to the public. A community I once moderated/administrated for used a public Trello to show the end users what all has been fixed/added/planned along an easy-to-read timeline. This would mitigate some of the times where the patch notes on joining the servers are a surprise. For things like that, its just showing the users that progress IS being made. Additionally, I've been debating internally on putting in an app to dev but I've not touched GTA modding specifically, FiveM environments, and dont have much time w/ SQL. However, I'd be down to learn and lend a hand here to help get this community going on all cylinders. I've got some questions on what the technicals of the dev environment are if someone would like to shoot me a PM and I can see where it parallels w/ what I already know. TLDR; We're all hurting, but be patient, good things will come. Transparency regarding any progress would mitigate threads like this one. To staff: You guys are doing a great job to be standing tall given the onslaught of issues we've experienced within the past few months. Keep it up, stay awesome.
  3. @Emily Berg, @Nova Taylor, @Martin Price, @Alisa Fox
  4. Car Show, 6/10/19:
  5. The Crew: @Alisa Fox, @Nova Taylor, Me, @Martin Price
  6. @Nova Taylor wanted more pictures ❤️
  7. @Emily Berg, @Alisa Fox, @Nova Taylor
  8. Zach & @Alisa Fox
  9. Community Cars: @Alisa Fox @Mitchel Jansen
  10. Couples: @Martin Price & @Nova Taylor @Dante Thunderstone & @Emily Berg Me & @Alisa Fox
  11. A thread for me to dump a lot of the pictures i think are decent. If you see a photo w/ your char, feel free to use it as you wish. A lot of the shots i take are candid, but sometimes posed. I'll try to keep this post updated w/ what i think are the best shots of my favorite moments. Enjoy ❤️ Visual setup: 1. (For older photos) 4k (no scaling, but steam WAS compressing these shots [my bad]), NaturalVision-Remastered, RADIANCE 2. Credit to @Alisa Fox for finding this one: Terrov Series Visual Mod v2.3 (w/ ReShade preset), 4k (uncompressed, no scaling) If you want a picture of an event/char, feel free to reach out to Zach ic for a photo op, or send me an email. Pictures will follow in individual posts below:
  12. Inspiring, a few people around me (many I spend a lot of time in-character with) know that I'm not quite alright for one big reason: I have combat-induced PTSD. While that may be difficult for many people to relate to, it opened my eyes when I finally had to step forward, in my uniform, and admit that I was not ok. I expected my career to be over immediately, but what i was met with was more support than i knew what to do with. However, these things tend to trough and crest, and quite recently I'm being re-haunted by some specific incidents i had to endure. Noodle ( @Nova Taylor ) had to wake me from a flailing nightmare my first night off of my night shift. The same nightmare that kicked off a 1-2 week bout of barely sleeping, barely eating, and being incredibly jumpy that several people in the community i had to let know of because of my rapidly shifting attitude. I used to cope with my issues by playing an unhealthy amount of Arma 3 Milsim, where i believe i felt better by using my skills to win fights, kill the enemy, and contribute to a fireteam/squad/platoon again. Since these nightmares came back, the thought of doing that only makes me uneasy, paranoid, and (once again) jumpy. If you're battling demons now, I'm there with you. They may not look or sound the same, but I'm more than happy to lend an ear for however long is needed for you to make your way through it. Many people have come to me ooc to vent about what's going on "in their head" and i can never judge them for doing so, regardless of what they say because i wouldn't want them to judge me for the things that hang over my own head. If you think you need help, take it. I was terrified too. For my relationship, my career, my future, and my life. Now I'm further ahead in my life than i ever thought I could be. I am inspired to continue moving forward for the sake of those left behind, left unattended, and left without help because to not do so, to me, feels like i am letting them down. (again) "As always, take care, and stay safe." -Zach
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