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  1. @Nova Taylor; @Ernest Flanagan; @Ruby York
  2. I think that staff are doing what they can, given the communities recent circumstances. We've all taken a hard hit, and we're all waiting for the same things (storage, housing, businesses, etc.) I understand that its frustrating, but I try to make the best out of it for myself, and others. Maybe a bit of transparency would help a lot here because it certainly feels like more work is done than is easily visible to the public. A community I once moderated/administrated for used a public Trello to show the end users what all has been fixed/added/planned along an easy-to-read timeline. This would mitigate some of the times where the patch notes on joining the servers are a surprise. For things like that, its just showing the users that progress IS being made. Additionally, I've been debating internally on putting in an app to dev but I've not touched GTA modding specifically, FiveM environments, and dont have much time w/ SQL. However, I'd be down to learn and lend a hand here to help get this community going on all cylinders. I've got some questions on what the technicals of the dev environment are if someone would like to shoot me a PM and I can see where it parallels w/ what I already know. TLDR; We're all hurting, but be patient, good things will come. Transparency regarding any progress would mitigate threads like this one. To staff: You guys are doing a great job to be standing tall given the onslaught of issues we've experienced within the past few months. Keep it up, stay awesome.
  3. @Emily Berg, @Nova Taylor, @Martin Price, @Alisa Fox
  4. The Crew: @Alisa Fox, @Nova Taylor, Me, @Martin Price
  5. @Nova Taylor wanted more pictures ❤️
  6. @Emily Berg, @Alisa Fox, @Nova Taylor
  7. Community Cars: @Alisa Fox @Mitchel Jansen
  8. Couples: @Martin Price & @Nova Taylor @Dante Thunderstone & @Emily Berg Me & @Alisa Fox
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