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Sean Callanan

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  1. Hi Steven! The server size has varied greatly in the past and you are probably seeing information that hasn't been updated to match the current times. We used to have three servers but it has since dwindled down to just one due to the fact the server does not have a sustained population throughout the day. We have played with OneSync in the past to try and get 64 slots, however, our current server code doesn't play nice with it and causes performance issues. Edit: damn you Paul ????
  2. What are your purging you bank account on this year? I got myself a nice Oculus Rift. Happy holidays!
  3. many laughs <video deleted> How to: point a gun at the skateboard and watch it drive off
  4. This is also the wrong place to post this :L
  5. Sean Callanan


    Changed priority to Normal Changed status to Confirmed
  6. Downloading the modpack now edit: the server appears to be offline?
  7. Sean Callanan


    Changed status to Confirmed
  8. March 2017 (Aka, when Revo FiveM started bringing in people)
  9. I have my opinions on this, but they will get me removed from staff. So I will just see where this goes.
  10. Sean Callanan


    What exactly is the insurance system supposed to do? I myself have never used it nor seen any benefit in it.
  11. Sean Callanan


    Changed priority to Low Changed status to Acknowledge
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