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  1. Freshly released from Bolingbroke, Alex started to walk to the nearest bank to make sure his money was secure and to possibly obtain a vehicle, as he was walking down he passed by an unattended van, unbeknownst to Alex there was a Mountain Lion prowling around on the other side of the van, it saw Alex and decided that he looked extremely tasty, Alex did the only sane thing and climbed onto the top of the van to stave off this beast, he spent roughly 7 hours up on the top of the van, Alex even managed to snag a selfie with the Lion in tow! Suffering from dehydration Alex passed out and the Lion seemed to lose interest in him, soon after the EMS/Police arrived to help Alex and he was safely carted off to hospital.
  2. Alex spent about 8 months fluttering between being a taxi driver and a taco truck operator, though he never really earned a lot of money from it, he carried on doing it until he saved up enough for a sedan, a sedan that would make him rich!
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