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  1. Name: Robert D. Bohannon DOB: Mar. 28, 1981 State: Missouri Robert Duke Bohannon, more commonly known as Bobby, is a country boy from the swamp lands in the great state of Missouri. Bobby was raised on his family farm with many siblings, whom all tended the land to keep it afloat. Bobby was your regular country boy whom enjoyed hunting, fishing, football, and drinkin'. Eventually his family's farm started turning a decent profit, and became more efficient and successful, Bobby then decided to enlist in the army and serve a tour over seas as a medic. When bobby returned home, he decided to settle down in the city of Los Santos, and try life away from the countryside. He was a far ways from home, but a cowboy aint no stranger to adventure. To be continued...
  2. Grove Street, Los Santos is more than a home to me, they are my family. Born to a single mama, I was raised around my uncles, some of the highest ranking Ballas. Growing up my family called me "Wooky", that soon became my street name, everywhere I went, everyone knew me by Wook. When I was 15, my unc put me on the streets as a lookout. Drugs, gambling, robberies, whatever made them money was their game. When I turned 18, I was assigned a crew to do the groundwork all over Los Santos. Climbing through the ranks after successful missions, I am now 28 and an active Balla general running ground crews, and overlooking the operations that brings in the money. See you on the streets Los Santos.
  3. Any dusty lot lords/ladies in Revo following the D&C summer tour? Doubt there are any dead fans in here 😕 I enjoyed listening to what yall posted. I love all kinds of music, from hip hop to blues, post more so I can add to my playlists! Also if there are any deadheads in here lmk, ill hook you up with the links to these live shows for the rest of the tour.
  4. Name's Jacks. I like money, women, and bubblegum. Am from Vice City, catch me in the skreets of LS
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