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  1. Grove Street, Los Santos is more than a home to me, they are my family. Born to a single mama, I was raised around my uncles, some of the highest ranking Ballas. Growing up my family called me "Wooky", that soon became my street name, everywhere I went, everyone knew me by Wook. When I was 15, my unc put me on the streets as a lookout. Drugs, gambling, robberies, whatever made them money was their game. When I turned 18, I was assigned a crew to do the groundwork all over Los Santos. Climbing through the ranks after successful missions, I am now 28 and an active Balla general running ground crews, and overlooking the operations that brings in the money. See you on the streets Los Santos.
  2. Youre not wrong, but the first shot that is discharged is usually the end of the rp, pistol or rifle. I wish there were more room for rp at that point but it becomes life or death, and people just try to gun the other down as fast as possible. It would be cool if everyone dragged it out and let us talk shit to eachother lmao, but not everyone is on the same page ever.
  3. Okay i didnt know about the interactions beforehand. But man we have been out here for a minute. You cant expect the mafia to reduce to pistols only when we have the means to firepower. I get you guys have more of a fun gang that fucks with people, but we have been out here grinding and are down for conflict because we have the resources, and big guns are fun ngl. No we dont care about winning all of the time, its just the way our crew likes to handle things. We also go into situations where we know were gonna lose the guns it took us hours to make, all in good fun.
  4. Thing is im all for more rp. But standing in circles all around town until I have a gun isnt really great rp. Yeah buying them from gs market was kinda cheap and easy, but it left room for more enjoyable rp. Should have just been restructured imo, the weapons were pretty cheap. Rich coming from you lol. From what ive seen you started the gang war by dropping people with no knowledge of what you were doing. Killed the rp and won. That couldve been alot more interesting than you guys trying to snag a cheap W.
  5. Any dusty lot lords/ladies in Revo following the D&C summer tour? Doubt there are any dead fans in here 😕 I enjoyed listening to what yall posted. I love all kinds of music, from hip hop to blues, post more so I can add to my playlists! Also if there are any deadheads in here lmk, ill hook you up with the links to these live shows for the rest of the tour.
  6. Name's Jacks. I like money, women, and bubblegum. Am from Vice City, catch me in the skreets of LS
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