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Eddie Lee

Police Department
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    Kobe Jefferson

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  1. Name: Kobe Jefferson Race: Black Eye Color: White Home Town: Lafayette Louisiana Family: Father Ben Jefferson, Mother Ruth Jefferson, Both not alive New Family: Devil's Rejects , Nade Kali , Emilia Kali , -Looks at Nade like a mother for taking care of him when he was in a coma see Emilia as a sister because of it...Jasmine Kali sister in law - Kat Sweetsers BFF Hobbies: Cars,Drug Dealing,Robbie's Personalty Trades: Impulsive,Reckless,Intense,Dumb as hell Style: Mostly Black baggy jeans wheres a mask because of his face is scared up.... Bio: Kobe was born in raised in Lafayette Louisiana as a only child to Ben and Ruth Jefferson where he grew up in a blue collar household and neighborhood full of white people...His mother and father adopted a Cousin of his named James Smith where he grew up in the wrong side of the hood and was taking away when his mother got put in jail for drug use...One day Kobe was sleeping and got a call from his cousin James telling him to come to a abounded building and hurry.. Kobe gets up and gets dressed and goes there where he finds his Cousin freaking out and also seen a man on the ground his Cousin just killed James then ask him to help him get rid of the body witch Kobe didn't want to but helped him anyways...In fear of the Cops and going to jail for life he packs up and moves to LS in hopes of changing his life...While in LS hes been in a lot of trouble murdered 2 people and lost both his mother and father but gain a new family and friends....
  2. I like him so far he seems to be something new and no one seen before but im not going to lie i cant wait to see what u do with him.....Im open to help u in any way just throw me a message i love to see what you come up with so keep up the good work...
  3. We need to make this a real job it be so great....
  4. Im going to miss you Thea and im happy to say i got to RP with you....U was the backbone of Revo and where all going to miss you there.....Thank You for being u and Thank You for awesome....
  5. Its all good man we good i just was upset at the moment but i understand your point and we good man u don't have to put it down.....I agree i would have gave it to u if i could lol......
  6. No i took the L i didn't come back to shoot u i didn't come and get u for doing it i respected u got me dude that's my point...RP scenario might have been fun for u but i was helping someone who was down and your going to take my bike that wasn't fun for me man....The fight was good RP but u taking my bike when im trying to help someone just wasn't right man...Everyone knows that Pike (thats his name when im in the black) is me man i didn't put me on blast they know its me OOC but in game they don't....His story man he haves to keep on the low i could not call the cops i could not do anything to show who he really is in game...Its part of my story to be hidden and not seen and at that moment would have put me as risk of showing the cops who i am...Look man if u felt it was NVL report me ill take my bans my points my whatever with my head held high and i would never be upset or mad that someone reported me for something i did wrong...Every time i got banned in the past i took it and i never bitched or fought or even got mad at the person for reporting me....i felt like u posting this was a slap in my face was all and like i said before where a Revo family we dont do this man and i felt u just wanted to throw it in my face and show people how u got me and that rubed me wrong...u want ot talk about this later we can up to u...
  7. Dude why u got to put people on blast man on the server where all like family we don't put people on blast like this man....#NoRespect...BTW i took the L with pride dude i gave you respect but now u just lost it....
  8. I live with anxiety everyday and it shows in the people i play im harder on myself then anyone will ever be....My Real life even tho its good my wife and my kids struggle sometimes with me but there vary understanding of what im going throw.....Sometimes the pills are not enough even tho i have to take them to even do simple things like sleep and relax...On top of my anxiety i have ADD and a learning Disorder witch also shows in my writing and rp....So life a everyday struggle for me sometimes and i get depressed and hard on myself....So i know the struggles i know the pain and i love this post because i can be open about my struggles no one knows be hide my screen...I can say this Revo helped me with my Anxiety some but people also can see it still there and i ty for all the good people i met throw Revo... @Tavisif anyone knows what your going throw its me man your not alone in your fight my brother...
  9. Good Job Devs,Staff and Or God Floppy lets get some good rp going when its all back....
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