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  1. Reed was always a little strange growing up as an orphan in a wealthy village after his parents vanished without a trace mysteriously. He was bullied in the school system until he was 10 years old when he had a serious seizure. They put him in the medical system so he could try recover from his ordeal, but he would often end up seizing, often described as a "twitch" while in his bed. During these seizures he dreamed about being able to tap into visions and sounds not of this world. This often left him very confused until he realised it was a gift that he felt no one else had, tapping deep into an ethereal realm he had access a multitude of powerful psychic abilities, His strongest power was Clairvoyance. Channeling his extra sensory perceptions he can monitor those around him with their third eye charka's open, subscribing to their wavelength to always know what they are seeing . Reed delves deep into the past, present & future like its as simple as watching a TV. Viewing visions from other versions of this existence & from his own existence, he is fully aware of anything going on once he starts twitching...
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