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  1. I would also like to remind that this is a completely different "admin team", 100% different. Infact, everyone working in leadership were people who wanted to make changes. So please break away from the lazy generalities, it really shows how little attention is being paid. When Floppy made his announcement, we came to the table in a full circle and made some decisions on if we were going to continue or not. I talked with Jasmine and the decision was for her to take the helm. The next decision was cutting middle positions for now and bringing the dedicated to the top to form a new echelon to give this place a new run for its money. All of these decisions were made without Floppys input so please stop pointing at him. He has not been a part of the new leadership, if anything, a victim of watching us make changes. As a core, with the new admins, we have made hard decisions to be very transparent with things, we have had countless conversations on how to loosen everything up and let people be more impulsive and creative as you would in other communities. But to just sit here and spit on an imaginary grave and blame everyone for your dislikes and general dramatic statements does no one any good, and I find it beneath you all to act this way. If you don't want to be here then move on, if you do then great. All the fireworks do is create noise and obscures the message.
  2. So what I am gathering from the responses on this is a few consistencies. Members want a bit more visibility on things in the background of where things are going. We are and will look at how to improve this. We hear you. Members would like a more engaged process when it comes to communicating bans and warnings. We hear you, there is room to grow on this and will look into some changes. Members are hoping for more unrestricted mechanics. We are and have been 100% looking into something about this, I can attest I am leading part of the model around the who's and hows There are a lot of misleading understandings of how things work that are festering in the member base. Please please, ask questions before you believe what you hear from someone else. There are a lot of statements here being made that are way off base and getting followers. There are a lot of good points that have been made here, and some sadly have lost their cantor of helpful conversation but I am glad people are responding. It shows that there is life here that is pleading for a positive experience. That is something we can all keep close and run with. Thanks to all the constructive feedback.
  3. @Cole Palmer - Kevin Flame @Kai Flippinton @Ty eza @Paco Garcia So If you haven't heard Lil'Flames latest dis track, DJ Rollins got a hold of it and had some fun.
  4. Steps into the MRPD shower grabbing the standard issue luffa and turns to the camera Hi Folks, I wanted to take a moment and reflect openly about a lesson I have recently learned in a few instances and as I look back, I now question how many times this may have happened and lead me wrong. WTF you talking bout, Rigz? TLDR! GangShit Skrrt. ???? What I'm talking about is those little moments that take place in RP and sometimes outside it. Perhaps someone said something strange, made a decision about change or perhaps they took the magic created in one story and started another elsewhere or with another person. I'm guilty of what comes next. I'm guilty of reacting impulsively thinking one thing is another. Thinking, "why would that do that? Why me? Did they hate me? The logic applies in so many moments. Understanding, It can be just beyond our reach when we need it most, and frequently we don't know we need it until its too late. Your mind or your heart has already and expertly advised you of the worst case scenario. And like a well qualified self life coach, you have deployed your response, you've lashed back, said something you regret or you've denounced everything about them. Well... Bam! Good on you! You showed them! Feels good, right? Er, or until you find out the hard way that you had it all wrong. Well shit, turns out it wasn't what you thought. The new story was something bold inspired by your part in another. The change and new decisions wasn't to hurt you, it was protecting/challenging/for you even. You thought they hated you, when really they were happy and being creative with something new to share. Its a simple minded scenario, but through my own recent experiences, and observing so many others I often wonder how many times the damage never had to happen in the first place. Hearts didn't have to break, friendships broken, and stories destroyed over an innocent misunderstanding. The majority of us who role play are frequently escaping something else in our life. And, I feel its fair to say that the majority of us are well aware of this fact. We immerse ourselves into a virtual world where we can act out in loo or in spite of what we crave most in life be it fantasy or aspiration. I'm realizing more and more that its important to recognize that as much as possible, because it can train our minds to rather than suspect the worst we can help guide ourselves and each other to assume the best of instead. That it might be completely feasible to trust that someone didn't come here just to cause harm, pain or to be cruel. Role-play is personal, where we come from in it is a lot about who we are, fantasize to be, or need escape from. We feel and see things immensely differently because of it. Lets set aside that fact that we are a melting pot of language and culture differences as well. I can think back to my moments, had I taken the time to assume the best rather than the worst I could have protected some well cherished bonds. Times I could have elevated a story into something epic rather than bring it down to the ground. Times I could have seen a moment of need or a chance to challenge myself and others that were lost from quick minded reacting. Ask questions my friends, ask before you think, ask before you feel if that's possible? Ask if what you are feeling already is rightly placed. Chances are, if it hurts, there could be a disconnect. Ask... ask and take the chance to risk investing in someone for a even a moment because you might just surprise yourself; they might surprise you. It's worth saving from a regret later or protecting the loss of another person you will never see again. Maybe that person being a bit of a savage has absolutely no idea and had the intention of something great. I can say I wish I was better at this, I'm pretty good at making those kind of mistakes. Wish I had asked in those moments. Anyways, shower thought complete for now. Happy Role-playing. Hangs up the soapy luffa and steps away from the camera whistling the tune of a piano. - Credits roll -
  5. sweet jesus, thats some fine picturing of me. What a sexy Lt!
  6. something has never been more accurate
  7. All I see is the caption "Felt Cute, might save lives, idk.."
  8. watch out Calvin Kline, LSFR is in town
  9. Just want to take some time to shoutout to our amazing Developers and contributors both here and behind the scenes. You guys are frequently faced with a barrage of FiveM updates, requests and newly found ways for us to break your stuff. Just want you all to know you guys are well appreciated. Thanks for keeping our experience alive with fixes and new ideas. @Jasmine Kali @Sean Callanan @Ted McFarlane @Floppy Pancakes @Dan Hasuki @Darcy Reid @Lexia Hasuki @Floppy Pancakes
  10. Announcing our newest arrival, Lil'Liam @Liam Cavanagh who just wanted a little attention, you got it, little buddy! @Ruby Blaze @Emilia Kali @Hunter Reglem @Jeff Bear @Ernest Flanagan @Frisco McGarrett Hope you are ready for the big world out there
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