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  1. How would this work with FiveM’s ToS stating that you can’t make profit?
  2. “Can I have a lawyer for my ammo?”
  3. There’s always going to be people in your rp situations that you don’t like or don’t think that they should be involved but that doesn’t mean that they can’t possibly add a lot to the situation. I have to agree your recent posts about where someone or multiple people were interfering with a situation making it end way sooner than it should have, is very dumb and ruins the rp just because they thought they should “step in and help”
  4. The song you linked is one I've been playing on repeat recently but I have also been listening to:
  5. Oh it must have gotten scuffed when I pasted it, I'm not sure why it removed the U and then replaced it with a -
  6. http://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/rules/ Here's the rules since I didn't realize that the link was broken and for some reason the editing post button disappears
  7. Direct Connection Information: gta5.rmog.us TeamSpeak Information: ts.rmog.us TokoVOIP TeamSpeak Plugin: https://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/files/file/1-tokovoip-teamspeak-plugin/ Rules: http://forums.rmog.us/index.php?/rules/ Key Binds: [B] - Backpack [L] - Lock/Unlock a vehicle or owned home [Left Alt] - Interaction key (You will use it for almost all interactions in the world) [T] - Opens the chatbox [Z] - Used to change the proximity of your voice (Whisper, Normal, or Shout) [Del] - Player List (hold down) [Home] - Pulls up phone (You must own one first) [Page-Up] - Emote Menu /e [emotename] /e c (cancels emote) /emotebind num[insert number] [insert emote name] (only number pad 4-9 are bindable at the moment) Example: /emotebind num4 backpack [Caps Lock] - Hold to talk to on the phone when in a phone call [Enter] - Start Jobs and other interactions [Backspace] - Finish Jobs or delete rented vehicles [X] - Put your hands up [Y] - Point finger [U button] - Ragdoll (hit once to turn on, hit again to turn off) [F1] - Crawl on ground (use u w, a, s, d to move around, shift to switch to laying on back) [F2] - Get on knees with hands behind head (aka surrender) Players can be robbed while in this position [F5] - Toggle player HUD. or /toggleplayerhud [G] - Speed limiter while in vehicle Also hotkey for binoculars if you have the item and are outside a vehicle [LShift + S] - Toggles seat belt while in vehicle [LShift + E] Pushes a car if initiated while behind or in front of a vehicle Use a & d to steer it while pushing [LShift + Spacebar] - Turns vehicle on or off while inside [LCTRL] - Change exit weapon while in a vehicle Chat Commands: /411 [message] - Sends an out of character message to staff in game. Use this if you need technical help, get stuck, or have an issue that can't be resolved in RP /ooc [message] - Sends an out of character message to people in your vicinity Used to give out of character information that is necessary and cannot be done through roleplay Example: /ooc my teamspeak crashed, 1 moment. Example: /ooc I can't hear you or anyone else around me /ad [message] - Sends an advertisement out for everyone in game to see. Used to advertise businesses, events, etc. You must have a phone and $100 in your pocket /tweet [message] - Sends out a "tweet" that will be visible to all players in the city You must have a phone and $5 in your pocket /call [number] - Can use chat to call a phone number instead of opening your phone to do it /call 911 - Call's emergency number /text 911 - Will text the 911 number You must have a phone /me [information] - Sends out a "me" to people in your vicinity. Used to enhance roleplay for things people can't physically see or do in game Example: /me is bleeding profusely from a wound on the head Example: /me starts to reach for the cop's gun /ondutycops - Will tell you if there are less than or more than 4 LEO on duty. Due to hostage taking rules being tied to 4 cops being on duty, this command can be utilized occasionally to ensure the player is not breaking any hostage taking rules /requestEMS - Will contact EMS services. The same function can be used from the phone too /toggleplayerhud - Toggles the player HUD /trunk - Opens the trunk of a car while standing behind a vehicle /hood - Opens the hood of a car while standing in front of a vehicle Optional In Game Settings: Under Graphic settings > Pause Game on Focus Loss > Turn OFF Under Audio Settings > Mute Audio on Focus Loss > Turn Off
  8. This is probably mainly for Floppy but it would be cool to see what people who were here from the beginning, in between, or even new players think that this community would have been as successful as it has been. (Ignoring the terrible recent situation that it had to deal with in mind)
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