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  1. Congratulations Mike!
  2. Daniel Walker

    Developer Donations

    How would this work with FiveM’s ToS stating that you can’t make profit?
  3. Daniel Walker

    Quotes of Revo

    “Can I have a lawyer for my ammo?”
  4. Daniel Walker

    Stop interfering...

    Hit them with loitering then?
  5. Daniel Walker

    Stop interfering...

    There’s always going to be people in your rp situations that you don’t like or don’t think that they should be involved but that doesn’t mean that they can’t possibly add a lot to the situation. I have to agree your recent posts about where someone or multiple people were interfering with a situation making it end way sooner than it should have, is very dumb and ruins the rp just because they thought they should “step in and help”
  6. The song you linked is one I've been playing on repeat recently but I have also been listening to:
  7. This is probably mainly for Floppy but it would be cool to see what people who were here from the beginning, in between, or even new players think that this community would have been as successful as it has been. (Ignoring the terrible recent situation that it had to deal with in mind)
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