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Maya Janssen

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  1. Bills mostly, maybe a piercing, if there is space.
  2. @Edward Owenand @Eevee Lowe @Joshua Thompson when there is nothing to do, you jump off the Legion Blocks because reasons ! Chasing a motorcycle, seeing it goes into wrong lane of traffic and explode... Maya's Chill time.
  3. -Axton Janssen -Neve and Rafe -Neve on her Double T -Maya and Taylor Plane time with @Ernest Flanagan and @Martin Memphis Day out with @Lucas Viceand @Taylor Faye and @Frisco McGarrett Damien Lucas and Damien -ouch
  4. Enjoying the sunset - Maya at MRPD + @Frisco McGarrett Spending time with @James Coldwaterand @Zach Greene -Academy graduation -Maya's new hair colour @Lucas Vice Martin trying to revive Maya -Matching couples ! @Mace [email protected] [email protected] Taylor ❤️ - @Spencer Thomsen and Maya
  5. - Hanging out at Benny’s with @Bernie Staff - - Sasha and Cindy Dimitrijev’s party @Sasha Dimitrijev @Cindy Dimitrijev - Mace and Maya being cute @Mace Ranco - Maya and her new bike - @Frisco McGarrett and Maya on her ride along. - hunting with Sasha and Frisco
  6. Hiking with @Mace Ranco didn’t end well.. @James Ramfieldtrying to save me didn’t end well either....
  7. (Clipped and posted with permission by @Jeff Bear) @Darcy [email protected] Kimble having a lil brawl
  8. (Clipped and posted with permission by @Jeff Bear)
  9. The things you see on streams :') ( Permission granted to post by @Lea Johnson)
  10. Doing some yoga with @Alisa Fox while @Emily Berg sat between us ( And @Lillith Ravenscroftin the back ground)
  11. Gotta have fun as EMS tho just a requirement ? i was dying from laughter already because i did a dumdum and then this happened. EMS are funny !
  12. Maya Janssen

    Some EMS fun.

    Glad to see EMS having fun at work while transporting someone critical ? (i hit the gas pumps and went flying)
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